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Assessment - Resources - Partnerships

You can go directly to Resources to see the resources we offer to our students or to Partnerships where you will find the partners to our program

Our Faculty meets on a regular basis and one of the topics in the Agenda, for the first and last meetings of the semester, is the evaluation of our SLO Process.


types of assessment




Face-to-face Lecture




  • use of iClickers
  • weekly quizzes (before each new class or for every chapter)
  • weekly homework
  • in-class exercises
  • case projects
  • group projects
  • individual projects
  • information (score card) for each student with history of each exercise from the book
  • scenario-based project
  • discussion forums
  • hands-on final


Lab Work


  • Lab assignments sent via email with screen shots
  • feedback and introductory forms used for Computer Technician lab work done for CCSF students and staff
  • group projects
  • self and peer evaluation
  • documentation of lab work
  • project with presentation
  • observation during lab time


Internship / Work Experience


  • supervisor's feedback
  • advising students in the WDDC - Web Developers and Designer Club


Online / Hybrid Classes


  • discussion forums
  • weekly assignments
  • final exam
  • projects
  • reports for each assignment using discussion forums
  • extra credit assignments
  • final project with face-to-face presentation on scheduled date/time
  • workplace scenario-based projects






We offer the following resources to our students in order to enhance their learning experience and help them succeed:


  • web pages with tutorials and course notes
  • teacher assistant (TA) for face-to-face and online/hybrid classes
  • video tutorials
  • computer labs
  • office hours
  • real examples from the IT industry based on instructors' experiences
  • guest speakers
  • use of CCCConfer to create audio/video of classes
  • scenario-based projects
  • cable-making projects
  • industry conferences
  • competitions
  • field trips and tours
  • online games
  • internships and industry connections
  • network simulation software (by Cisco)
  • Microsoft user group
  • CNIT 105L lab for students and staff
  • end-user club computing (Microsoft)
  • Southeast campus computer lab
  • CNIT 103L mentoring
  • discounted vouchers for industry certificates
  • videos
  • mobile devices taken to the classroom
  • iClickers
  • Insight
  • textbooks on reserve
  • special websites with discounts for students
  • industry certificate exam books on reserve
  • partnerships
  • students' wall of fame
  • posters for diversity
  • industry-certified instructors
  • instructors working in the industry
  • Batmalle Hall room 301
  • free anti-virus software
  • FTP SSL - Hills Server
  • material for industry certificates
  • career path from CompTIA
  • Cisco lab
  • YouTube channel
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • CCSF WiFi
  • Google Apps
  • advising hours
  • resources for Mac users
  • graduation party - connection and network time
  • ACM
  • HTI
  • MyITLab simulation of MS Office and Windows OS

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Additional Resources - Partnerships


The following resources are offered through partnerships between the Department and the industry:

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • CompTIA
  • Juniper
  • YearUp
  • TechSF - BAVC
  • San Francisco City & County - Workforce Development Office
  • San Francisco Unified School District (High Schools)
  • Computer Science Department
  • Business Department

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