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Employment Opportunities

in the CCSF Chemistry Department


The Chemistry Department has current openings for a tenure-track position.  Please visit the CCSF website for all application information and materials (   Deadline for all application material is March 4, 2011.   

If you are interested in future openings in the chemistry department at CCSF, please send a letter with contact information (current address and/or email address) to Raymond H. Fong, chemistry department chair, City College of San Francisco, 50 Phelan Avenue, S-37, San Francisco CA 94112. Your name will be kept on file and you will be notified if any part-time positions become available.  Also, you should check the CCSF website for any recent openings.)


The chemistry department employs a number of lab aides, clerical aides, and tutors. We also have several part-time classified lab assistant positions.

Lab aide positions, clerical aide positions, and tutoring positions are only open to registered City College students; these positions pay $9.00 per hour for up to 15 hours per week. Hours for all of these positions are flexible.

Clerical aides must be eligible for federal Work-Study funding (consult the CCSF Financial Aid Office for further information). Clerical aides do routine photocopying, filing, typing, and similar assignments, and they assist in monitoring the chemistry computer studio. Clerical aides should be able to type and should be familiar with Microsoft Word.

Lab aides need not be eligible for financial aid, but must have taken at least one chemistry class at CCSF. Lab aides prepare solutions and equipment for chemistry labs, and they assist in the routine maintenance of the labs (cleaning, safety checks, etc.) No lab experience is necessary beyond the chemistry coursework.

Tutors need not be eligible for financial aid, but must have completed at least one chemistry course at CCSF with a high grade (normally an A), and must be recommended by a CCSF chemistry instructor: they must also have strong communication skills. Tutors work with students in specific classes, helping them understand the course material. We hire tutors for Chem 32, 40, 101A/B, 103A, 208A/B, and 212A/B; we are particularly interested in tutors who can handle organic chemistry (Chem 208 and 212).

Classified lab assistant positions are not open to CCSF students. These positions pay approximately $17.00 per hour for up to 20 hours per week. You need not have worked in a chemistry storeroom, but you should have significant chemistry lab experience (including a full year of organic chemistry lab).

For information about current openings in any of these areas, contact Doug Love, Chemistry Department Storeroom Manager, at 415-239-3210 or by email at