Student Resources

Astronomy Department Tutoring Program

This is a tutoring program for students who are currently enrolled in any astronomy classes. The aim is to provide a supportive environment for learning in astronomy. The program is run by students for students. The project began its mission in Fall 2002, and is sponsored by the Astronomy Department at CCSF.

Tutoring Service is in the CCSF Planetarium (Science 406)

Ask your Instructor for the Schedule or

View the one on the 4th Floor of Science Hall

Faculty Sponsor: Lancelot L. Kao


Astronomy Outreachers - Service Learning Program

This is a service learning program for students who are currently enrolled in ASTR 1, 16, 17, 18, or 19 classes.  The aim is to integrate community service with academic instruction and reflection.  The program is run by faculty advisors whereby the students are trained in the use and applicaiton of our facilities and equipment in community outreach environments.  The project began its mission in Fall 2002, and is sponsored by the Astronomy Department at CCSF.

Service Learning Program in the CCSF Astronomy Department (Science 400):

Faculty Advisors: Claia Bryja

Application are avaiable from your instructors the 1st week of each semester and

Due the 2nd week of the semester

Evening Training Meetings are to be scheduled.



Mathematics Tutorial for CCSF Astronomy Students

This is meant to assist students in Astronomy classes at City College of San Francisco with the mathematics involved in ASTR 1, 4, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 courses. It includes sections in which basic mathematics principles and skills are reviewed and sections in which methods to solve mathematical problems in astronomy are presented. Knowledge beyond Elementary Algebra is not necessary to succeed in solving most astronomy math problems and many require only Arithmetic.

AstroMath Tutorial


Astronomy Club of City College (ACCC)

Hey Students,

We are looking to have the club up and running again so if you are interested in becoming, President, Treasurer, or other Officer Positions, please contact us.



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a 2-year outreach and educational support program. In collaboration with MESA and other departments or programs, our goal is to increase the number of students traditionally underrepresented in the calculus-based science majors and their transfer rates.  A Place to Build A Supportive Community For All Calculus-Based Majors:

Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Health Occupations and more!


Math Tutoring Lab

If you are taking a Math course at CCSF while taking your Astronomy courses, you can get help from the CCSF MathLab or the Learning Assistance Center.


ESL assistance with Astronomy

Email Carrie Priestley to request a 30-minute appointment. Give her your available times. (If you can’t email, please call 452-7219.)

Carrie will email or call you with an appointment time.

Bring examples of your work from your class to your appointment.