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Emerge Studio

Emerge Studio is a full-service design studio for the City College community, providing high-quality communications pieces for a broad range of projects and services. We can assist you in assessing your needs and planning your project, as well as providing a wide range of budget-conscious solutions. Our portfolio includes web sites, apps, posters, brochures, marks, ad campaigns, and exhibits for all areas of the college. The studio is staffed by advanced design students, working with a team of faculty advisors in an advanced Studio Practicum course.

Contact Colin Hall, our Production Coordinator, for more information
at 415-239-3082 or

Forms and Guidelines

Digital Printing Services

At the Mission Campus, color and black-and-white digital printing is available at cost to City College departments and programs. Digital printing is well-suited to short-run jobs and multiple page documents such as course readers. A variety of binding options and paper stocks are available.

Many Departments take advantage of our high quality course readers produced at our facility and sold through the CCSF Bookstore. This approach results in a considerable savings when compared to readers produced by commercial vendors. The Bookstore addresses all of the copyright issues and it keeps teachers from distributing books and handling student funds.

Please call 415-920-6045 or 415-920-6048 to discuss project options and deadlines. You may also contact our Production Coordinator Johanna Rudolph at, or stop by Mission Campus Room 204 & 205.

Student Projects

Students must purchase a Color Print Card to pay for color prints of their work. The card is sold through the Ocean and Mission campus Bookstores and costs $5.00. Regardless of paper size, each print costs 50¢ per side, including proofs.

To schedule a print, call Digital Printing Services at 415-920-6048 or 415-920-6045 or email your file to Pick up your prints Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.


Course Readers

The first time you create a reader for your class, visit the Mission Campus to discuss options such as paper stock and color, binding etc. Once we know what you what, most of the communication is done by email or telephone. Please note that most readers require a seven-day turnaround and are sold only through the Book Store.

    To print a course reader:

  • Fill out a Book Order form available from the Department Secretary, Jo Anne Bilodeau,
  • Submit a hard copy of the form to the Book Store. They will check for and deal with any copyright issues.
  • Send a PDF file of the reader to Johanna Rudolf at
  • When the Bookstore completes their review they will fax Johanna a purchase order and printing can begin.
  • You will be contacted when the readers are completed and ready to be shipped to the Book Store.