SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The THEATRE ARTS department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please contact the department chair, and view the rest of our department website.

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Program Outcomes

Our Art Discipline/Program is on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Program SLOs are found in catalog listing.

Program Outcomes Mapped to Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. See details below, with links to SLOs or course outlines with embedded SLOs and a timeline for advancing to next stage of assessment.

Course title
TH A 15. Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 30. Introduction to Theatre
TH A 31. Survey of Classical Drama
TH A 32. Survey of Modern Drama
TH A 60. Stagecraft
TH A 61. Technical Theatre Production
TH A 62. Introduction to Stage Design
TH A 63. Introduction to Lighting Design
TH A 71. Introduction to Make-up and Costume Design
TH A 72. Intermediate Make-up and Costume Design
TH A 73. Advanced Make-up and Costume Design
TH A 107. Directing for the Theatre
TH A 150. Beginning Acting Fundamentals
TH A 151. Beginning Character Development and Scene Study
TH A 152. Performance Projects
TH A 153. Improvisation for Actors
TH A 154. Beginning Acting for the Camera
TH A 155. Beginning Acting Shakespeare: Text Analysis and Performance
TH A 160. Vocal Production and Audition
TH A 161. Storytelling
TH A 164. Character Voices: Voice-Over
TH A 165. Playwright's Performance Workshop
TH A 166. Performance Art New Media Workshop
MUS 44. Music Theatre Workshop
BCST 140. Studio Video Production
IDST 38. Shakespeare: "Not of an age, but for all time."
SPCH 38. Intercollegiate Speech Competition