SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The SPEECH COMMUNICATION department follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website.

The Speech Communication Department has created assessment calenders for all courses in the discipline. All course SLOs are assessed at least once every three years. Assessment calendars attempt to align SLO and PSLO assessments with GE and ILO assessment timelines articulated in the CCSF Assessment Plan. Instructors of courses meet to discuss rubrics, assessment practices. and sampling techniques. Lately, the Department has been using Master Rubrics to quickly and directly assess larger samples of students. Program level SLOs are assessed through the department's capstone course, Competitive Forensics, and through assessment data of courses mapped to each Program Level Outcome.


Program Outcomes

Our programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Course SLOs are mapped to Program SLOs. Program SLOs are mapped to ILOs. Mappings and program information are recorded in reports in CurricUNET. Programs are also fully described in the catalog.

Course Outcomes

Course-level SLOs are recorded in the official course outline of record in CurricUNET. Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. 

Courses Outline Last Updated
SPCH 1A. Elements of Public Speaking                    Calendar
SPCH 2. Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism             Calendar
SPCH 3. Argumentation and Debate                         Calendar 2011
SPCH 4. Group Communication                               Calendar
SPCH 5. Intercultural Communication                      Calendar
SPCH 6. Workplace Communication                         Calendar
SPCH 7. Oral Interpretation of Literature   not recently offered 2011
SPCH 11. Basic Public Speaking                               Calendar
SPCH 12. Fundamentals of Oral Communication     Calendar
SPCH 20. Interpersonal Communication                 Calendar
SPCH 38. Forensics Competition                            Calendar