Communication Studies Degree & Certification

Degree Deadlines for Spring 2015




PRIORITY APPLICATION FOR AA-T degrees: February 12th.

Deadline to Petition for Graduation this Semester: Call Transfer Center 239-3748

Note that the deadline for the AA-T Degreee is EARLIER than a regular AA degree.


Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer in Communication Studies

Read more about the AA-T Degree (that guarantees you acceptance to SFSU or CSU East Bay) by clicking here.

Students can earn an Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T Degree) in Communication Studies in this 18 unit course of study that introduces students to the discipline of Communication Studies. For students planning on transferring to a 4-year college, this AA-T degree will often provide students with priority registration and units transferrable toward a baccalaureate degree.

* Note that in addition to the major courses listed below, students must also satisfy general education (CSU GE or IGETC) requirements (see Associate Degree Graduation Requirements). 18 Major units + 39 G.E. units + 3 Elective units = 60 units total are required to earn the degree

MAJO R COURSES (18 units total)

Required Courses (6 units)

SPCH 1A         Elements of Public Speaking                    3 units
SPCH 5           Intercultural Communication                     3 units

Choose 1 course (3 units)

ENGL 1B         Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking     3 units
ENGL 1C         Advanced Composition                             3 units

Choose any 2 courses (6 units)

SPCH 3           Argumentation and Debate                       3 units
SPCH 20         Interpersonal Communication                   3 units
SPCH 4           Small Group Communication                    3 units

Choose 1 course (3 units)

SPCH 7           Oral Interpretation of Literature                 3 units
SPCH 38         Intercollegiate Forensics                           3 units

Certificate of Accomplishment in Speech Communication

This 12 unit course of study gives students a brief introduction to the discipline of Speech Communication.  


Required Course (3 units)

SPCH 12 Fundamentals of Oral Communication        3 units

Choose 1 course (3 units)

SPCH 4 Group Communication                                   3 units

SPCH 20 Interpersonal Communication                      3 units

Choose 1 course (3 units)

SPCH 1A Elem of Public Speaking                              3 units

SPCH 11 Basic Public Speaking                                  3 units

Choose 1 course (3 units)

SPCH 3 Argumentation and Debate                            3 units

SPCH 38 Intercollegiate Speech Competition              3 units