Mission Statement

The Speech Communication Program provides instruction in developing communication skills essential for communicating in interpersonal, group and public settings. We invite students to find and develop their voice and in doing so, contribute to the civic and social fabric of our community, learn to advocate and think critically, appreciate our many cultures and use communication to build a more humane world.

•    We communicate to create community.
•    We acknowledge, appreciate and integrate diversity.
•    We respect and encourage all levels of communicators. We value the student whose English is a second language as well as the native speaker.
•    We provide support to our students so they may achieve their certificate, major, degree, transfer and career goals.
•    We provide instruction in general education courses that meet certificate, major and graduation requirements for Associate Degrees of Arts and Science.
•    We provide instruction in general education transfer courses to the University of California system, the California State University system, and a wide-variety of private institutions.
•    We value student learning outcomes. We regularly update our courses, adapting them to the dynamic field of speech communication. We develop new courses in an effort to offer our students the most relevant information related to the study of communication.
•    We appreciate technology. We offer students the opportunity to learn via online courses. We use technology during lectures, discussions and activities. We provide students with the opportunity to use a variety of technology in the classroom.
•    We maintain a Communication Lab. The Lab is committed to assisting student's in a relaxed environment to prepare and practice their communication skills.
•    We have a long-standing commitment to the nationally ranked Speech and Debate Team. We offer students the opportunity to compete in individual events as well as parliamentary debate at the local, state and national levels.
•    We have a long-standing dedication to excellence in teaching. We utilize both traditional and non-traditional teaching methods in order to meet a variety of student learning styles.
We are committed to innovation in scholarship. We support faculty development both on and off campus. We remain connected to the ever-changing field of communication.