Scholarships & Awards

Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship

$500 Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship Spring 2015 – Portfolios due 5/12/15

Yefim Cherkis was a dedicated photography student at City College of San Francisco who, in 1994, tragically lost his life at the age of twenty.

Yefim’s passion for photography and presence in the departmental community was an inspiration to his fellow students. After his untimely death the Photography Department decided to honor him by establishing a bi-annual merit award: The Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship.

Since 1994, the Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship has continued to assist talented photography students in our community. The scholarship has been generously endowed and supported by Yefim’s family and friends.

Portfolio submissions are solicited by the department each semester and an award of $500 is given to the student whose work is judged superior based on concept, creativity, and technical mastery.

Previous Yefim Cherkis Scholarship Recipients:

Fall 2014
Kristina Davis

Spring 2014
Joseph Wang

Spring 2013
Naomi Onaga

Fall 2012
Rebecca Janecek

Spring 2012
Nick Venaglia

Spring 2011
Gordon Szeto

Fall 2010
Maria Del Rio

Spring 2010
Phillip Maisel

Fall 2009
China Langford

Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship

$250 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Spring 2015 – Entries due 4/23/15

The Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship was established by the ESL Department in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, an ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester, a beginning photography student is awarded a $250 scholarship in her honor.

Previous Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Recipients:

Fall 2014
Scholarship Recipient: Iedryn Orozco
Honorable Mentions:
Chakrit Amoraseth
Shreemoyee Kanungo
Aleksandr Piksaykin
Susan Shao
Liu Wenbin

Spring 2014
Scholarship Recipient: Bongani Masimla
Honorable Mentions:
Kristina Davis
Oscar Estrada
Dragonsani Renteria
Jones Wong

Fall 2013
Scholarship Recipient: Stacey Pang
Honorable Mentions:
Yuan Gao
David Luong
Briana Shewan
Paige Thornton

Spring 2013
Scholarship Recipient: Beatriz Escobar
Honorable Mentions:
Sara Benitez
Arturo Martinez
Gilberto Mendez 
Hoa Tat

Fall 2012
Scholarship Recipient: Adrienne Johnson
Honorable Mentions:
Oxana Tocareva
Denise Maianson
Timofei Osipenko
Annette Little

Fall 2011
Katherine Souza

Spring 2011
Christina Diep
Anna Khludova
Amanda McIntosh
Pier Abbate
Yoshito Saitoh

Fall 2010
Scholarship Recipient: Jenya Lum
Honarable Mentions:
Katie Cai Hua Tong
Dawn Carmody
Neeraja D
J. Phelps