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SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The MUSIC department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described in the link below:

Department SLO Assessment Process

Current highlights are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports and each year in our Program Review.

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Program Outcomes

Our Discipline/Program is on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Program SLOs are found in catalog listing.

Program SLOs and Mapping

Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. All Music Department courses have undergone a complete assessment stage and are up to date. Please click HERE to see all current Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for the courses offered this semester. Or click below on the course name or number to view the specific SLOs.



MUS 1A – Musicianship

MUS 1B – Musicianship

MUS 3A – Diatonic Harmony

MUS 3B – Chromatic Harmony

MUS 4 – Fundamentals

MUS 5A – Introduction to Composition

MUS 5B – Composition


MUS 6A – Beginning Classical Guitar

MUS 6B – Advanced Beginning Classical Guitar

MUS 6C – Intermediate Classical Guitar

MUS 6D – Advanced Intermediate Classical Guitar

MUS 7C1 – Beginning Cello

MUS 7C2 – Advanced Beginning Cello

MUS 7C3 – Intermediate Cello

MUS 7C4 – Advanced Intermediate Cello

MUS 7P1 – Beginning Percussion

MUS 7P2 – Advanced Beginning Percussion

MUS 7P3 – Intermediate Percussion

MUS 7P4 – Advanced Intermediate Percussion

MUS 7T1 – Beginning Brass

MUS 7T2 – Advanced Beginning Brass

MUS 7T3 – Intermediate Brass

MUS 7T4 – Advanced Intermediate Brass

MUS 7V1 – Beginning Violin

MUS 7V2 – Advanced Beginning Violin

MUS 7V3 – Intermediate Violin

MUS 7V4 – Advanced Intermediate Violin

MUS 7W1 – Beginning Woodwind

MUS 7W2 – Advanced Beginning Woodwind

MUS 7W3 – Intermediate Woodwind

MUS 7W4 – Advanced Intermediate Woodwind

MUS 8A – Beginning Jazz & Other Popular Piano

MUS 8B – Intermediate Jazz & Other Popular Piano

MUS 9A – Beginning Piano

MUS 9B – Intermediate Piano

MUS 9C – Keyboard Harmony

MUS 10A – Beginning Voice

MUS 10B – Advanced Beginning Voice

MUS 10C – Intermediate Voice

MUS 10D – Advanced Intermediate Voice


MUS 11 – Guitar Workshop

MUS 12 – Choir

MUS 13A – Jazz/Rock Improvisational Workshop

MUS 13B – Jazz/Rock Arranging & Composition Workshop

MUS 14 – Chorale

MUS 15 – Orchestra

MUS 17 – Woodwind Ensemble

MUS 18 – Brass Ensemble

MUS 19 – Piano Ensemble

MUS 20 – String Ensemble


MUS 21 – Traditional African Music

MUS 23 – Jazz History: Musical Traditions of the African American

MUS 24 – Music of East Asia

MUS 25 – Music of Latin America & The Caribbean

MUS 26 – Music in American Culture

MUS 27A – Musical Appreciation

MUS 27B – Musical Awareness

MUS 29 – Electronic Music

MUS 30 – Electronic Music Laboratory


MUS 41 – African Drumming Ensemble

MUS 42 – Gospel Choir

MUS 46 – Stage Band

MUS 47 – Pep Band

MUS 48A – Beginning Labor Heritage Choir

MUS 48B – Intermediate Labor Heritage Choir

MUS 48C – Advanced Labor Heritage Choir

MUS 200A – Ensemble Musical Theater

MUS 200B – Supporting Musical Theater

MUS 200C – Leading Musical Theater