Programs & Courses

The Award of Achievement in the Department of Journalism prepares students for a two-year degree, transfer to a four-year program, or professional development in select areas of study. All journalism classes are credit classes. The department provides students research, writing, production, and editorial management training that are essential to a career in journalism. Utilizing current media technology, students are trained in on-line research to electronic pagination. Advanced students use these skills to write, photograph, design, and edit for The Guardsman newspaper, The Guardsman on-line, and/or Etc. Magazine.

Additional guidance and training is provided through the department’s mentorship and internship programs for pursuing careers in public relations, as well as in print and on-line publications.


Associate Degree in Journalism

City College offers a degree in Journalism that gives the research, writing, and production skills that are essential to a career in journalism. Current technology, from online research to electronic pagination, will be taught during the first two semesters. Third and fourth semester students use these skills to write, design, and edit The Guardsman and/or Etc. Magazine. They cover a beat within the larger college community, learning the art and applying the crafts of journalism.

Credit Certificates

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses