As a long-time member of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC), the Journalism Department and its publications ( The Guardsman and Etc. Magazine) have earned the praise of fellow colleagues.

JACC, which has been in operation for over 50 years, is an association of some 60 community college journalism programs throughout California and parts of Arizona. The association serves as a support group for journalism education in the community college system, champions for First Amendment rights, and annually sponsors faculty development training sessions. It also hosts a yearly statewide conference and two regional conferences aimed at heightening the professional development of students through workshops and competitions in writing, photography, page design, copy editing, and headline writing.

In these statewide and regional competitions, Guardsman staffers have steadily captured awards each year in all categories, including consecutive General Excellence honors for producing one of the best community college newspapers in the state and the region.  Additionally, General Excellence honors have continuously been bestowed on the Journalism Department for its online version ofThe Guardsman.

Etc. Magazine has also been honored at the statewide and regional level, capturing awards for feature writing, design, photography, and commentary. Moreover, it has earned consecutive General Excellence ratings for overall content and design year after year.

To date, City College is considered one of the powerhouses in community college journalism for its publications, curriculum, and overall program development. Furthermore, Department Chair Juan Gonzales is President of the Northern California JACC and sits on the JACC Executive Board.

The Guardsman

General Excellence

2011 (Newspaper & Online) · 2010


Spring 2011

3rd Place: Feature Story to Brian Rinker
1st Place: Profile Feature Story to Estela Fuentes
1st Place: Sports Game Story to Bontã Hill
Honorable Mention: Sports Game Story to Ryan Kuhn
2nd Place: Sports Action Photo to Clarivel Fong
Honorable Mention: Sports Action Photo to Broadus Parke
Honorable Mention: Front Page Layout to Alex Emslie and Ramsey El-Qare
Honorable Mention: Informational Graphic to Ramsey El-Qare
Honorable Mention: Informational Graphic to Ramsey El-Qare
Honorable Mention: Illustration to Jason Ogulnik
2nd Place: Photo Illustration to Ramsey El-Qare
2nd Place: Photo Story / Essay to Robert Romano
1st Place: Online Photo Story / Essay to Brian Rinker, Saidy Lauer
and Joe Fitzgerald
2nd Place: Bring-In Photo to Frank Ladra1st Place: Bring-In Ad to Emily Coon
Honorable Mention: Bring-In Ad to Victor Martinez
1st Place: Copy Editing to Susan Boeckmann
1st Place: Editorial Cartoon to Lance Kramer



4th Place: Informational Graphic to The Guardsman Staff
Honorable Mention: Inside Page Layout - Tabloid to The Guardsman Staff
2nd Place: Student Designed Advertisement to The Guardsman Staff


Etc. Magazine

General Excellence

2011 · 2010 · 2009 · 2007 · 2003 · 2001 ·1999



Honorable Mention: Magazine Cover to Kristen Conley and Sabrina Wong
1st Place: Magazine Feature to Hans Meyer
Honorable Mention: Magazine Illustration to Brian Rinker
4th Place: Magazine Layout & Design to Kristen Conley
2nd Place: Magazine Opinion Story to Candace Hansen
2nd Place: Magazine Photo Essay to Yoni Klein
4th Place: Magazine Photo Essay to Dennis Chan
1st Place: Magazine Profile Feature to Michael Condiff
3rd Place: Magazine Profile Feature to Thomas Figg-Hoblyn


2010 Fall

1st place: Magazine Profile Feature for Michael Condiff ’s profile of Mr. USA
3rd Place: Magazine Profile Feature for Thomas Figg-Hoblyn’s profile of Harry Cordellos
4th Place: Magazine Layout and Design for Kristen Conley’s layout of Fall 2010 issue
Honorable Mention: Magazine Cover for Kristen Conley and Sabrina Wong’s “Blind Faith” cover
Honorable Mention: Illustration for Brian Rinker’s illustration from his first-person story about heroin addiction.


2010 Spring

1st Place: Non-profile Magazine Feature for Hans Meyer’s story about O.J. Simpson
2nd Place: Magazine Opinion Story for Candace Hansen’s first-person story “Missing Julian”
2nd Place: Photo Essay for Yoni Klein’s Cuba photo essay
4th Place: Photo Essay for Dennis Chan’s Philippines photo essay.


2009 Fall

2nd Place: Non-profile Magazine Feature for Dylan Gunthar’s story of his Marine service in Iraq and Afghanistan
2nd Place: Profile Magazine Feature for Molly Oleson’s story on Ms. Bob Davis


2009 Spring

1st Place: Non-profile Magazine Feature for Michael Condiff’s “Casino Bandit” story
Honorable Mention: Magazine Profile Feature for Shinyung Oh’s story on
Honorable Mention: Illustration for Luke Bair’s cover illustration for the Spring 2009 issue