Communication Studies Department

Word cloud of communication studies course descriptions: communication, culture, speaking, debate, forensics, research, conflict, context, discourse, group, interpersonal, language, organization, teamwork, argumentation, competence, evidence

Why study communication?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports, after surveying several hundred companies, that oral communication ranked as the number one most sought after skill when hiring employees—teamwork and interpersonal skills were ranked closely behind.

It is not surprising that those with effective communication skills are more likely to get hired and advance in the professional world. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Journal of Business Communication, 98 precent of Fortune 500 vice presidents believed communication skills positively affected their advancement to top executive positions.

Effective communicators are more likely to have satisfying interpersonal relationships, better able to resolve conflict, and more capable of sparking social change.

Whether you want to pursue an associate in arts degree in Speech Communication or simply polish your presentation skills —the Speech Communication Program has something for you!

What Communication Studies offers...