Highlights: EATV SLOs

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EATV-Ch27 & 75 is on a regular cycle of review.  Currently at step 5, the first cycle has been assessed and the Loop is closed.  Assessment is ongoing and the next assessment stage will take place in Spring ’14.  See details below, with links to outcomes and timeline for advancing to next stage of assessment.

During the Spring semester 2013 Broadcast Electronic Media Art (BEMA) students were surveyed about EATV staff and professional career skills modeled there.  98% of the 65 respondents reported that they saw good examples of professionalism in the staff of BEMA. This supports the outcome; Demonstrate, and refine hands-on professional career skills needed for employment in the entertainment, media and communications industry.

For complete details of the survey please see the report in the binder stored in the department.

Future plans for assessment include surveying ESL faculty and assessing if there is sufficient knowledge of EATV Ch27 &75 and examples of collaboration between ESL and Ch27 &75.