Sound Design Projects

We have a collection of videos recorded by Instructor Dana Jae of the BCST 125 and 128 advanced audio production classes, and we will be posting those here along with some samples of the bands these classes have recorded live in our Ocean campus studios.

Hey, everyone!

3 of my live sound students multi-track recorded this lovely song using the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 digital console straight into the Presonus Capture One software on my laptop a couple of weekends ago at this beautiful Maybeck House in the Berkeley Hills.

Shout out to Paul Stewart, Jamar Andrews, and Roger Strassner for the capture and Paul Stewart's mixdown later.

Kwame Evans assisted the videographer, Emile Bokaer.   Check it out, it's lovely!

There will be two more videos coming from this same day.  


Dana Jae 
Sound Recording Arts Faculty
Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Dept


Insight Message by BCST-126 students ....