• Teaching the history, the issues, and the impact of broadcasting and other electronic media in a global societal context, emphasizing media literacy as a key part of the development of critical thinking skills which form the cornerstone of a life-enriching liberal arts education.
  • Teaching the application of those analytical skills to the design and the creation of content for electronic media, focusing on writing, story-telling, teamwork, leadership, and preparation for further study at the university level.
  • Teaching audio, video, and performance craft skills that are consistent prerequisites for employment in the quickly evolving electronic media industry.
  • The comprehensive curriculum includes programs in areas of: video production, video editing (analog and digital), radio station operations, sound design, sound production, and broadcast journalism.

Sheila McFarland, Chair
Broadcast Electronic Media Arts
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San Francisco, CA 94112
Telephone: (415) 239-3527

Yolanda Juarez
BEMA Department Secretary
50 Phelan Ave, Box A6, Office ArtX 160
San Francisco, CA 94112
Tel: (415) 452-5947
Fax:(415) 239-3694
email: yjuarez@ccsf.edu