Internship Program

The Broadcast Electronic Media Arts College & Industry Internship classes are primarily online with media career related weekly readings and discussion boards and three major written career-related assignments that are presented to the class during three required in person class meetings scheduled throughout the semester.

Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Department interns are required to be concurrently enrolled in six or more units at City College of San Francisco while are taking the internship class.  Some of those units may be the internship class itself. The internship classes (BCST 160 and BCST 165) are flexible unit classes which may be taken for 1 or more units per semester, depending on how many hours of onsite internship work is acquired.  Most students enroll in one unit, and no more than two units to allow sufficient study time for other classes. Students may complete up to 16 units of internship credit while studying at City College of San Francisco.

Internships are *not* intended to teach students beginning production or other skills. Students are expected to enroll in CCSF Broadcast Electronic Media Arts courses to learn these skills and then apply the skills they learn to their internship experiences. Students are supported by the internship class and are responsible for finding their own internship within one month of the beginning of the semester.


Two Kinds of Internships

College Internship

COLLEGE internships (BCST 160) are internships within the San Francisco Community College District. Most of these are paid internships in units such as Broadcast Media Services, Educational Access Television, the Audio Visual Department, College Public Relations, Technology Mediated Instruction Office, Governmental Relations Office, CCSF Athletics, etc. This internship class is intended for beginning students and/or students still developing production, programming and media writing skills. Students may enroll in this class starting the first semester of study. Check your eligibility for student employment on the Student Hiring Eligibility website.

Industry Internship

INDUSTRY internships (BCST 165) are internships outside the college at industry sites such as television stations, radio stations, the San Francisco Opera House, SF Giants, various local theaters, various live sound venues, sound recording studios, web design companies, production companies, etc. This class is intended for students who have successfully completed media related course work in their area of interest and want to apply what they've learned in a supervised industry setting.

What you will learn in our internship courses:

  • Professional work habits and behavior
  • Best practices team building and teamwork
  • Time management
  • Preparation and evaluation of an industry appropriate resume
  • Best practices in media industry business communication
  • Best practices in attending and conducting meetings
  • Develop and refine professional networking skills
  • Best practices in dealing with a difficult client or colleague
  • Plan for further career development.