Career Technical Education (CTE) Certificate Programs

Broadcast Electronic Media Arts certificate programs are recommended for those seeking to acquire entry-level skills, upgrade and retool skills, and for job seekers preparing for career transition. Each course sequence is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop and refine essential workforce skills for entry-level employment in the electronic media industry.

Students who have not already completed a college degree (or almost completed a degree) are strongly encouraged to work with a Counselor and complete general education requirements toward as Associate of Arts Degree.

All our courses are credit and degree applicable, and selected courses TRANSFER to the CSU and/or UC systems. Many students transfer to nearby SAN FRANCISO STATE UNIVERSITY's Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department (BECA). We encourage students to work with a college counselor and a department program advisor to establish an education plan during the first semester of study. For more information contact the TRANSFER CENTER.

Career Technical Education Certificates of Accomplishment & Achievement

Broadcast Electronic Media Arts offers two categories of Career Technical Education Certificates: 1) Certificates of Accomplishment require 17 or fewer units of course work; and, 2) Certificates of Achievement require more than 17 units of coursework. Students who complete a Certificate of Achievement PLUS all CCSF general education requirements are eligible to receive both the Certificate and an Associates Degree. Students may complete one or more certificates by completing each required course in their chosen program of study with a final grade of C or higher. 

Certificate course requirements must be completed within four years. Students may transfer or substitute ONE course into their selected Certificate of Accomplishment from another college or university. All other course requirements must be completed at City College of San Francisco. Students seeking a Certificate of Achievement (Convergent Media Production) who wish to transfer equivalent courses from another college or university should meet with the Department Chair to review their options.