Broadcast Media Services: Operations

Recording Equipment

BMS has recording equipment (see below) available to faculty and administration (not to students) for student learning, faculty evaluation and meeting documentation. For video production for broadcast/webcast, see: PRODUCTION SERVICES. Sound reinforcement for meetings ("PA system") is available from AUDIOVISUAL.

Instructor Review

Faculty have the option of video recording a class lecture for their evaluations. With advance notice to BMS, you may pick up a camera from Ax169, receive brief training on how to use the equipment, and then return it to us after your class.

Student Practice

Many instructors have found it helpful for their students to watch themselves giving speeches, performing, and giving presentations. Instructors often borrow cameras and playback monitors so they can playback the video on a big screen during the same class period that the recording has taken place. *** Cameras referenced on this page are NOT available for check-out to students.

Meeting Documentation

Some administrative-related meetings require or request video and/or audio to be recorded for later distribution or posting to the internet. BMS helps to facilitate this with our equipment. Quick and expert training is available. Depending on staff availability, we may be able to set up the equipment for you.

Recording Equipment Options

Canon Vixia HFR500 (video camera)

Our best and newest. This full HD video camera comes with a rechargeable battery, charger, and SD card. The display is a touch screen. Save your money - this camera does not use tape media! Simply return the memory card with the camera and we can send you a DropBox link to your video. We can make you a DVD, but we prefer to save money wherever possible. 


Zoom H2 Handy Audio Recorder

Handheld digital audio recorder. Great for getting ideas down quick. Comes with tripod, SD card, and USB cable. Runs on two AA batteries, not included. Also can work as a USB microphone.

the H2