Recording Equipment

BMS has video and audio recording equipment available to faculty and administration. There are three reasons this equipment may be requested:

Instructor Review

Instructors are asked by their chair to videotape themselves in order to have themselves reviewed. With advance notice to BMS, you may pick up a camera from Ax169, receive brief training on how to use the equipment, and then return it to us after your class. We can convert your tape to a DVD for you usually in a few days.

ESL Student Practice

ESL instructors have found it helpful for their students to watch themselves speaking English. ESL instructors often borrow cameras and playback monitors so they can playback the video on a big screen during the same class period that the recording has taken place.

Meeting Documentation

Some administrative-related meetings require or request video and audio or just audio to be recorded for later distribution or posting to the internet. BMS helps to facilitate this with our equipment. Quick and expert training is available. Depending on staff availability, we might be able to set up the equipment for you.

Mini DV videocamera

Here's one of the video cameras available for checkout.

We also have older (and easier to use) VHS cameras.