Broadcast Media Services:
Production Services

We provide consultations, expertise and related services regarding satellite, video, and audio production for instructional and promotional programs. Whatever the needs of our faculty and staff, our professionals are ready to assist.

  • Audio Production provides project management, facilities and personnel, and broadcast-quality studio recording and editing. Deliverables are available in various formats.
  • Video Production provides project management, facilities and personnel, broadcast-quality video recording, non-linear editing, and multimedia content. Deliverables are available in various formats.

Phone:  (415) 239-3525


From our Program Review ... 

Production Staff, with student interns and as needed by Operations and Engineering Staff, assist with district instructional and promotional video and audio production services. Production services include recording and preparing video programs for EATV broadcast and captioned webcasts, such as:

  • Professional Development and FLEX activities such as Keynote Addresses and SLO Workshops
  • Board of Trustees meetings and trainings
  • Concert and Lecture Events
  • CCSF Graduation
  • Numerous accreditation presentations and workshops
  • Employee Orientation Videos and Hiring Orientation Videos (in conjunction with College Marketing and Public Information)

We have also produced and directed audio-only projects, including:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Study Guides on CD in multiple languages (in 3 languages)
  • Emergency broadcast announcements for Chinatown center building intercom (in 3 languages)

Production-related services also include:

  • Webcasting
  • Format conversion
  • Duplication and reformatting of audio and video materials for instructors within copyright guidelines