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Smart Carts

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Broadcast Media Services offers "Smart Carts" (a multimedia unit, including projector, Mac Mini computer, speakers, DVD player) for most of Ocean campus.The request form is on the right along with our request policies.

Submit your request according to the instructions on the form. We'll contact you only if there is a challenge in scheduling. If you need a confirmation, please email your request. Please submit five working days in advance. You may call (415) 239-3525, or stop by Arts Extension 169.

Mission Campus services are available at (415) 920-6137, or go to MIS 403.

Multimedia Cart Rearview

"Smart" Multimedia Carts

Each of our multimedia carts have: a Mac Mini (computer), keyboard, mouse, projector, powered speakers, DVD player, ethernet cable, and extra VGA and audio cable to hook your own laptop to our projector. We recommend that you bring your data on a flash drive and use our computer instead of connecting your own laptop.