SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The ART department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please contact the department chair, and view the rest of our department website.

Department SLO Assessment Process

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Program Outcomes

Our Art programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Discipline program SLOs are found in catalog listing.

MAJOR: Arts in Studio for Transfer (AA-T)

Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which SLOs are updated and revised. See details below, with links to course outlines with embedded SLOs.

Course title Course Outline updated
ART 101. Western Art History 12/2011
ART 102. Western Art History 12/2011
ART 103. History of Modern Art 12/2011
ART 104. Asian Art History 01/2009
ART 105. Ancient Art and Architecture of Latin America 04/2013
ART 106. Latin American Art History 04/2013
ART 109. History of Contemporary Art 02/2014
ART 118. American Art 09/2014
ART 125A. Basic Design 02/2013
ART 125B. Advanced Design 01/2013
ART 126. Color 02/2013
ART 130A. Basic Drawing 11/2013
ART 130B. Intermediate Drawing 11/2013
ART 132A. Beginning Figure Drawing 11/2013
ART 132B. Advanced Figure Drawing 11/2013
ART 136A. Introduction to Illustration 02/2010
ART 136B. Intermediate Illustration 02/2010
ART 136C. Advanced Illustration 02/2010
ART 140A. Beginning Painting 11/2013
ART 140B. Intermediate Painting 11/2013
ART 140C. Advanced Painting 11/2013
ART 140D. Painting Mastery
ART 145A. Introduction to Watercolor Painting 04/2013
ART 145B. Advanced Watercolor Painting 10/2013
ART 146A. Beginning Chinese Brush Painting 11/2013
ART 146B. Advanced Chinese Brush Painting 04/2013
ART 150A. Fine Arts Printmaking 12/2011
ART 150B. Fine Art Intaglio Printmaking 12/2011
ART 150C. Fine Art Relief Printmaking 12/2011
ART 150D. Advanced Fine Arts Printmaking 02/2013
ART 151A. Beginning Monoprint 09/2014
ART 151B. Intermediate Monoprinting 09/2014
ART 151C. Advanced Monoprinting 09/2014
ART 156. Mixed Media 01/2009
ART 160A. Beginning Ceramics  11/2013
ART 160B. Intermediate Ceramics  04/2014
ART 160C. Advanced Ceramics  04/2014
ART 160D  
ART 162A. Ceramic Sculpture I  04/2014
ART 162B. Ceramic Sculpture II  04/2014
ART 170A. Beginning Sculpture 11/2011
ART 170B. Intermediate Sculpture 04/2013
ART 170C. Advanced Sculpture 12/2013
ART 170D. Sculpture Studio 03/2014
ART 180A. Beginning Metal Arts 02/2013
ART 180B. Intermediate Metal Arts 02/2013
ART 180C. Advanced Metal Arts 02/2013
ART 180D. Exhibition Preparation for Metal/Jewelry Arts 02/2013
ART 181A. Beginning Casting for Metal Arts 02/2013
ART 181B. Intermediate Casting for Metal Arts 02/2013
ART 181C. Advanced Casting for Metal Arts 02/2013
ART 185. Portfolio Preparation 04/2013