Gordon Grady
Gordon Grady
Gordon Grady

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City Arts Gallery presents:

Artist: Grady Gordon

Title: The Resplendent Murk Dates: August 14 to September 9, 2015

Location: City College Art Gallery, City College of San Francisco, Visual Arts Bldg, 119, 50 Phelan Ave, San Francisco

Gallery Hours: call 415.239.3157 for gallery hours

Reception: Thursday, September 3, 5:30 to 7:30pm

Monster Existentialism

According to artist Grady Gordon, monsters have identity crises too. His new body of artwork, which includes prints and sculptures, has his monsters experience the messiness and tension of relationships and self awareness. In some strange way, the work suggest we are all human, even when some of us are dead or a bit decayed.

Bio: Grady Gordon is originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. His art is deeply influenced by various mythologies from across the world. In each new series he finds a particular myth to re-appropriate into a new version, and of course creates the images solely in black and white. Grady utilizes the most crude mark-making instruments to bring about the characters that inhabit the invisible plane. He works entirely by removing thick black ink from a Plexiglas surface. The monotype print is a study of impermanence. Unlike other forms of printmaking the monotype offers only one copy. The original image on the plate is then given back to the ether, back into the fabric.

Gordon has a BFA in Illustration from California College of Art and teaches art at San Francisco Day School. He resides in Oakland, California.

The City Arts Gallery is located in the Visual Art Building, Room 119, on the Ocean Campus of City College of San Francisco. The gallery is wheelchair accessible and free to the public. For more information and gallery hours, please call (415) 239-3157.

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Press: More info, jpegs, or access to the artists, please contact Gallery Director, Nancy Mizuno Elliott at nelliott@ccsf.edu


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