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City Arts Gallery presents:

Adon S. Valenziano

Fruiting Bodies Sculptures

January 19 to February 17, 2016

Reception: Thursday February 4, 5:30 to 7pm

City College Art Gallery is proud to present Adon s. Valenziano: Fruiting Bodies Sculpture.

Artist Statement: I draw much of my sculptural vocabulary from the forms found in nature: plants, animals, insects, seedpods, pollen grains, fungi, bones and the human figure. While my visual vocabulary is deeply rooted in the natural world, I also draw vocabulary from the synthetic or machine world. The resulting sculptures are, in part, an attempt to imagine a new ecology – one in which the organic world and the synthetic world exist in a state of symbiosis.

Artist Bio: Born in Tucson Arizona but raised in the astonishing natural beauty of northern California’s Mendocino county Adon Valenziano has long admired nature as the most accomplished of all sculptors. Though Adon Valenziano’s sculptures are deeply rooted in forms found in the natural world, his work also references the synthetic or machine world as well as the work of other artists or “the art world.” He is fascinated with symbiosis and hybridity and creating fictive organic/synthetic entities.

While his materials and methods are rooted in the historic art making practices of cast bronze, carved wood and blown glass, his unique work exists somewhere outside of all of these traditions. Adon currently lives and works in Santa Cruz CA.


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Throughout the year, exceptional artwork created by students and faculty of the art department are showcased at City College of San Francisco's Administrative Offices.

These exhibitions give students and faculty the opportunity to have their work viewed by City College staff, administrators, and board members. Students also have the opportunity to display their work at Conlan Hall and at Fort Mason.