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City Arts Gallery presents:


December 7-16, 2015

Raphael Banuelos | Jef Biesinger | Lisa Bigeleisen

Francis Chung | Chloë Kiser | Jabal Miki

Leslie Plato Smith | Deirdre Weinberg | Larry Winfield


Reception: December 9, 5-7pm

Music by Raphael Banuelos


San Francisco, CA: City College Art Gallery presents Hatch, a mixed media group show. The exhibition will be on view at City College Art Gallery in San Francisco from December 7 to December 16, 2015. A public reception will be held on Wednesday, December 9, 5-7pm with music by Raphael Banuelos. The exhibition and reception are free to the public.

What have these 9 artists bred, spawned, or propagated? Whether hatching new ideas, new life or new art, San Francisco has the culture that encourages explosions of creativity and the City College Art Gallery fosters the environment to explore.

Some of the artwork in Hatch represents the new life, new interpretations, and new ideas of evolution; the movement away from an environment lacking nourishment to one of potential and hope. Others are rebellious in nature, evoking the energy and passion of revolutionary change. Developed, discovered, and disclosed, each artist brings their unique experiences and diverse backgrounds to their art. Hatch; come see what has been incubated.


Raphael Banuelos—

I was first influenced by art growing up in the streets of Los Angeles, California. I grew up amazed by street art culture, and eventually I took to spray paint and ink pens to express and write in every color I thought in. Outgrowing my hometown, I recently relocated to San Francisco to find new inspiration and meaning. Now days, I am finding my passion coming from my printmaking and music. Attracted to the uncomfortable and weird, my artwork and combines the real with the fake; I create sense with non­sense. I create to express and connect the feeling of awkward innocence we tend to forget we have.

Raphael Banuelos was born and raised in Southern California and has developed into

an artist here in the bay area. Currently attending City College of San Francisco, Raphael has taken his music and printmaking in full stride.


Jef Biesinger—

Creative Practice is creating spatial atmospheres, capturing the sensorial qualities that a space emits. This experiential place deconstructs: light (amplify), space (distort), and time (compress).

Jef has been as an explorer, performing many lifestyles and living in many subcultures in America. People are amazed at the many past lives he has raised horses, soldiered in the Army, tended bar in Chicago and San Francisco clubs, etc. Currently Jef is finding his path by merging design and desire to explore the conceptual unknown.


Lisa Bigeleisen—

I create 2-D linoleum relief prints and drawings that depict the beauty of ordinary things that have sentimental value to me, and quiet moments of my life. I draw on my experiences traveling, in tandem with experiences I have remaining in one place, in my art.

Lisa Bigeleisen grew up in San Francisco, CA, where she studied drawing at the Sharon Art Studio, photography at the Harvey Milk Photo Center, and attended high school at San Francisco School of the Arts. She received her B.A. in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2006, and since 2013 has studied art and graphic design at Berkeley City College, Laney College in Oakland and CCSF. Lisa currently lives in El Cerrito.


Francis Chung—

I make abstractions based upon the emotions of loneliness, heartache, redemption, and forgiveness.

Francis was born in Oakland and currently teaches high school in San Francisco. Working in sculpture is the most fulfilling thing he is doing in his life right now. Otherwise, he practices yoga on a regular basis and makes his own kombucha.


Chloë Kiser—

I am obsessed with routine. Through the practice of repeating habits in action and in thinking, I believe that we have the power to create our own realities. I make functional objects and adornments in metal and in clay that help shape the reality I want to live in.

Chloë Kiser was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, though if you had asked her in elementary school, she might have told you that she was born at sea. Or in France. She was not a liar, just a dreamer. Today her work reflects these imagine realities, which are becoming more and more real.


Jabal Miki—

I want to show a human being capable of getting back up and keeping on going; a being that refuses to face reality, continues to chase an intangible goal like immortality, and is driven by passion.

Jabal Miki was born in New Hampton, NY, moved to Tokyo, Japan, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently attending San Francisco State University, and studying art at City College of San Francisco, Jabal is developing a style in his artwork reminiscent of Japanese cartoons and idealized, religious figures.


Leslie Plato Smith—

Working in series of ceramic assemblages I explore transformations across time and space in our environment, including their biological, social, political, economic aspects of the world in which we and all life exists. In my installations, I use light and 2-D representations to extend the boundaries of my clay-based sculptures.

Having spent much of her career as Associate Vice-Chancellor of Governmental Relations for City College of San Francisco, Leslie’s work is never far from bringing the political into the art world, from bringing the obligation of being human into the conversation. Leslie currently lives in Oakland.


D. Weinberg—

I try to show a reality that might not be obvious but uses a combination of elements that are surprising. I want to make an emotional connection with the viewer that will captivate your imagination, draw you into the story, and be memorable.

Much of D. Weinberg’s work explores what various kinds of isolation feel like, a hauntedness although the cause or source isn’t clear. However, she doesn’t dwell in darkness, always working at creating community and emotional connections with her work.


Larry Winfield—

I employ sculpture and lost wax casting to investigate archetypes contained within abstract forms and our relationships to those concepts and symbols. Through a blending of timeless methods and old school/new century perspective, I hope to plant my flag in the fertile ground of Afrofuturism.

Larry Winfield's creative life has covered adventures in children's theater, a jazz poetry band, being a pirate radio DJ to producing a global music podcast. Now in San Francisco, he's building bodies of work in sculpture, casting and jewelry, and getting to know the west coast art scene.


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The City Arts Gallery is located in the Visual Art Building, Room 119, on the Ocean Campus of City College of San Francisco. The gallery is wheelchair accessible and free to the public. For more information and gallery hours, please call (415) 239-3157.

The City College Art Gallery’s Mission:

  • Establish City College Art Gallery as an important arts destination for citizens of San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area, thereby stimulating active public awareness, support, and participation in the arts.
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Throughout the year, exceptional artwork created by students and faculty of the art department are showcased at City College of San Francisco's Administrative Offices.

These exhibitions give students and faculty the opportunity to have their work viewed by City College staff, administrators, and board members. Students also have the opportunity to display their work at Conlan Hall and at Fort Mason.

Now at 33 Gough September-October, 2015

Anna Asebedo's Printmaking Class

Alex Yoshikawa, Sculpture Student