Adult Basic Education Program


ABE classes are designed to strengthen skills in reading, writing, computer literacy, and life skills.

Reading and writing classes emphasize vocabulary development and comprehension and help students learn to write paragraphs and essays.  Mathematics classes focus on basic arithmetic skills.

The program includes pre-GED®/HiSet® (High School Equivalency Test) classes in the five subject areas on the GED®/HiSet® test. 


List of ABE Courses

  • Individualized Learning Labs, Self-paced, Open-entry, & Multi-level Classes 

TRST 5035. Individualized Reading & Writing

TRST 5036. Reading/Writing Lab

TRST 5039. ABE/Pre-High School Equivalency Prep


  • LEVEL I  

TRST 1322. Academic Reading & Writing 1.5



TRST 2322. Academic Reading/Writing 2.5

TRST 2422. Math Skills Lab

TRST 2533. Health Education

TRST 2731. The Americas in Film


  • Vocational Preparation

TRST 4605. Job Readiness, Study Skills, a& Test Taking Strategies