Winter Break Programs

Our programs vary from year to year. Come see us in Cloud 212 (Ocean Campus) for more information on upcoming programs.

There will be no programs offered during Winter Break 2015-2016.

The Cuba Program will next be offered during Summer 2016



Summer 2016 

Cuba. The name alone evokes a hundred different reactions from citizens of the United States. Some think of it as a country defined by the U.S. blockade, or by the Castro regime. Others think of it as the materially poor, but musically rich country of the "Buena Vista Social Club". It's only a short plane ride from the United States, but a million miles away in terms of culture, history and ideology. Step into Cuba, and you step into the past, present and the future. 

Join City College of San Francisco as we walk the streets of Habana Vieja, and meet with Cuban artists, farmers, intellectuals, musicians and religious figures. Visit Cuba's museums and cultural institutions. Experience the beat of "rumba" drumming and dance. Travel by bus through Havana Province to experience rural Cuba, learn about Afro-Cuban religions such as Yoruba, and see the beautiful city of Cienfuegos, whose colonial architecture has made this town a UNESCO site. Lectures and informal discussions will be in English and will take place at cultural centers, museums, sites of historic interest, and during city and provincial tours. 

This program will provide transferable credit from CCSF for courses completed overseas.