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Our programs vary from year to year. Come see us in Cloud 212 (Ocean Campus) for more information on upcoming programs.

Summer 2014

A Taste of Oaxaca, Mexico:

July 1-18, 2014

The food of Oaxaca stands out as one of the richest and most diverse in all of Mexico. Based on a synthesis of Spanish and Indigenous legacies, it greatly differs from the standard Mexican food commonly found in the U.S. Oaxacan cuisine is known for its many moles, which are complex sauces made of chiles, herbs and spices; for its corn products, such as tlayudas and delicious regional tamales; for its nuanced mescal, a locally cultivated, distilled and aged beverage; and for the Oaxacan chocolate culture with its fresh beans roasted and ground according to the customer's preferences and family traditions.

Our three-week program offers an intensive introduction to Oaxacan cuisine, through hands-on cooking classes, demonstrations and field trips to a mescal distillery, a cheese producer, a bakery, and food markets. Classes will be taught by local "celebrity" chefs, such as Susanna Trilling, author of the cookbook "Seasons of My Heart" and a contributor to PBS, as well as Oaxacan restaurateurs and others whose cooking skills have been passed down through the generations.

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (ICO) will serve as our host in Oaxaca. The ICO, a Spanish as a Second Language school, housed in a gracious 19th century estate, will be the location of our language classes and some of our cooking classes.

Located in southern Mexico, Oaxaca lies nestled in a valley surrounded by tropical mountains. The city boasts colonial monuments, archaeological treasures and exquisite architecture, which will serve as a dramatic backdrop for our culinary explorations.

If you are interested in studying in Oaxaca with us this summer, please let us know so that we can add you to a mailing list for this program. The brochure and application for Summer 2014 should be available sometime during February, 2014. You can call us at 415-239-3778 or send us an email at to request a copy.

To learn more about the program in Oaxaca for summer 2014, you can also click on the toolbar marked "Academics", "Itinerary", "Costs", etc. for further information on this program.

Summer Study in Paris:

July 1- July 30, 2014

This summer CCSF will be offering an intensive French Language and Civilization Program as part of a consortium of California Community Colleges and Cal State Universites.

Free Program Previews will take place at 11 am on Saturday, February 15, March 15 and April 12, 2014. The previews will be held at the CCSF Downtown Campus, located at 88 Fourth Street and Mission Streets, in room 618. You can also contact Dr. Tom Blair at 415-334-422 or by email at for further information, or visit the program website:

If you would like a brochure and application for this program, please stop by Cloud 212 or call 415-239-3778.


Intensive Spanish - Oaxaca, Mexico

This program will not be offered in 2014. We hope to offer this program again beginning in Summer 2015.

Make this summer memorable by studying in the beautiful city of Oaxaca (pronounced "Wah-ha-ka"), located five hundred kilometers from Mexico City. One of the most picturesque cities in Mexico, it is surrounded by the spectacular Madre del Sur mountains. Oaxaca boasts colonial monuments, archaeological treasures and vast ethnic and geographic diversity, as well as an agreeable climate. Students take intensive Spanish conversation (beginning through intermediate) and Spanish literature courses at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, located on the grounds of a gracious 19th century estate.

Students are housed with Oaxacan families, giving them a chance to practice their Spanish language skills and learn more about the Mexican culture and Oaxacan way of life.

This program is offered during the summer semester, and provides transferable credit from CCSF for courses completed overseas. Also, students enrolled in an eligible program may be able to receive state and federal financial aid and scholarships to help defray the costs of study abroad.

Please call us at 415-239-3778 if you have difficulty downloading the electronic version of the brochure and application, or if you have any questions about this program not answered on this site. You can also click on "Academics", "Culture", "Costs", "Disclaimers", or "Gallery" for further program information.


Brazil & Cuba in the Bay Area

This program will not be offered during Summer 2014. If you are interested in Study in Cuba, please contact us at 415-239-3778 to ask to be put on the mailing list for the Winter Break in Cuba Program, 2014-2015.

We now offer something a little different: the chance to learn about Brazilian and Cuban cultures without leaving home! Dr. Greg Landau of the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Department teaches ANTH 11: Latin American Cultures and Societies.

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The course schedule is available here.


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