Semester in Paris


Program not currently being offered. Please check back for updates.




The following courses are the only courses offered for credit through CCSF while participating in the Study Abroad Program in Paris. Students must enroll in a minimum of 12.0 credit hours. The French 42 course is required. Academic advising and registration will take place at the pre-departure orientation.

French 1A-1B/2A-2B/3A-3B/4/22: Cours Pratiques 3 – 6 semester units

French 1/2/3: Cours Pratiques 5 semester units

These courses will develop the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. They will also introduce cultural aspects of France and the francophone world, developing, practicing and expanding the four basic skills as the student works his/her way through the course sequence.

Taught at the world famous University of Paris – Sorbonne, these course are offered at a variety of levels, from beginning to intermediate/advanced. Taught in French. CSU/UC

French 10A/10B/10C/10D/11A/11B: French Conversation 3 semester units

Extensive oral training in French. Emphasis on practical vocabulary and idiom rather than formal grammar and literature. Courses are taught at multiple levels from beginning through intermediate/advanced at the ACCENT Center. Taught in French. CSU

French 23: Phonetics 2 semester units

Introduction to the French phonological system with attention given to spoken French and its differences with written French. Emphasis on skills of pronunciation, oral expression and comprehension rather than on conversation or discussion. The Phonetics course is an integral part of the Cours Pratiques at the University of Paris – Sorbonne. Taught in French. CSU

French 42: French Civilization 3 semester units - REQUIRED

Aspects of French culture and civilization from the entre-deux-guerres period to the present. Insights into the historical and traditional forces which have contributed to the current and emerging conditions of France. This course will be an online course taught by CCSF Foreign Language Department Chair, Carol Reitan, who will also be "in residence" in Paris for two weeks of the program. Taught in English. CSU/UC

Art 102: Western Art History 3 semester units

A survey of Western Art from the sixth to the eighteenth centuries. The course will begin with the Roman era as an introduction and continue to the Neo-Classical period. Art will be discussed from both a critical and a historical perspective, with regard to formal visual elements of style and the social context of the societies, values, and ideas that gave birth to Western art. Lectures are taught at the ACCENT Center and on-site at local museums. Taught in English. CSU/UC

Important Note: Courses offered are subject to change.