Semester in Paris


This program is currently under reconstruction.

We hope to return with a new and improved program during the

2016-2017 Academic Year.

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The following courses are the only ones offered for credit through CCSF while participating in the Study Abroad Program in Paris. Students must enroll in a minimum of 12.0 credit hours. Academic advising and registration will take place at the pre-departure orientation.

French Language (French 1, 1A/1B, 2, 2A/2B, 3, 3A/3B, 4, 20, 22)
French grammar classes at the University of Paris - Sorbonne. Classes are taught at all levels, from beginning to advanced. Students take a placement exam during orientation in Paris to determine the appropriate level. Taught in French. 5-6 units.

French Conversation (French 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D)
This course is specially designed to enable participants to start using French immediately in everyday situations and to develop practical vocabulary. Taught in French. 3 units.

Phonetics (French 23)
French pronunciation, diction and intonation in theory and practice. Part of the Cours Pratiques at the University of Paris - Sorbonne. Taught in French. 2 units.

French Civilization (French 41, 42)
A survey of French history from pre-Roman times to the present. Topics in architecture, art, literature and other components of French culture and civilization. On-site lectures at museums, chateaux, city districts and historical monuments. Taught in English. 3 units.

Western Art History (Art 102)
A survey of Western art from the 4th century to the 19th centuries A.D. The course will begin with the Roman era as an introduction, and continue into the Neo-Classical period. All art will be discussed from a critical and a historical perspective, with regard to formal visual elements of style and the social context of the values and ideas that gave birth to Western art. Includes on-site lectures at museums. Taught in English. 3 units.

Important Note: Courses offered are subject to change.