Semester in Rome and Florence


Program cancelled for Spring 2017



Courses offered, together with other related matters contained herein, are subject to change without notice by the administration and/or Governing Board of the San Francisco Community College District for reasons related to enrollment, finances, scheduling, dates, costs or for any other reason, at the discretion of the District.

The District further reserves the right to add, amend or repeal any of its rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Travel, housing, meals and other logistical arrangements are provided by ACCENT, a contracting agency not affiliated with San Francisco Community College District.


ACCENT is not responsible for the academic segment of the program except as specified in the contract between ACCENT and City College of San Francisco. Nor is ACCENT responsible for airline delays of any kind, or for expenses or loss incurred as a result of such delays. With regard to transportation/travel, regardless of the type of vehicle, ACCENT acts for the passenger as agent only. ACCENT assumes no liability for accident, injury, damage, or loss in any vehicle, or as a result of default by any person or company engaged in transporting the passenger. CST#1013432-40

Participants will be required to sign a travel request and release which will exonerate the District from any liability. The District assumes responsibility only for providing a supervising instructor and appropriate academic units for courses.

All courses are subject to approval by the Governing Board of San Francisco Community College District. All students must enroll for course credit (pass/no pass option available when indicated in the catalog); no auditors are allowed. Units and course grades will be awarded by City College of San Francisco. CST#1013432-40