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Outcomes Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

Study Abroad Programs outcomes-assessment is documented and described below. For more details, view the rest of our department website.

Assessment Process

Assessment results and progress are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports with highlights each year in our Program Review.

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes:

  • Gain the ability to integrate a more international perspective into one's studies and life.
  • Increased comprehension and ability to communicate in applicable foreign language.
  • Provide opportunities for program participants to actively engage in the foreign culture.
  • Learn a more multi-cultural perspective.
  • Feel comfortable studying in a foreign educational system (Semester Programs, only).
  • Experience increased confidence in one's ability to handle challenging situations which include communicating in a foreign language in a foreign land.
  • Have access to safe accommodations, quality cultural activities, and services to support their educational success while studying abroad.