Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to help you study abroad.

  • Consortium Agreements may allow you to continue your financial aid package at one school while studying at another.

Financial Aid is supposed to supplement a student's cost of education. It is not meant to support a student's entire cost of education. Also, Financial Aid is limited to 90 cumulative units. To apply for Financial Aid, all students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA). The Title IV School Code for City College of San Francisco is 012874. Please note that there are no federal work-study options in Study Abroad. Please direct your financial aid questions to Financial Aid Office or call the Study Abroad office.


Consortium Agreements

Two or more institutions may enter into a consortium or contractual agreement so that a student can continue to receive Financial Aid funds while studying at a school or organization other than his or her "home" institution. (The "home" school is the one that will grant the student's degree or certificate.)

A consortium agreement may be appropriate for you if you are a student who is currently enrolled in a school other than CCSF for your degree and certificate, and plan to take a semester off from that school in order to participate in a CCSF Study Abroad Program.

Students usually participate in study abroad program in one of two ways: by paying tuition and fees directly to the school the student is temporarily attending , or by paying tuition and fees at the home school, while taking courses at another school. The law states that a student participating in a study abroad program *approved by the home school* is eligible for Financial Aid funds, regardless of whether the program is required for the student's regular, eligible program of study, as long as the student is an eligible regular student enrolled in an eligible program at the home school.

A study abroad program must be a part of a written contractual agreement between two or more schools, and the program must be accepted for credit by the home institution. If the above appears to apply to your academic situation, you should begin by contacting your home institutions' Study Abroad and/or Financial Aid Offices about whether or not a consortium agreement might be appropriate for your semester abroad.