Support Programs

ESL SI Leader program

The ESL Supplemental Instruction Leader  program places current/former ESL students into composition classes to provide peer support to the students in that particular class. SI leaders attend class lectures, take notes, and assist the teacher and students in the classroom. SI leaders also provide one-on-one and small group tutoring and review sessions outside of the class.  ESL SI Leaders also do short workshop presentations on specific topics to support the classroom instruction.

Job Description for SI Leaders


ESL Embedded Tutor program

The ESL Embedded Tutor program aligns Professional Tutors with specific course sections in the ESL Intensive Composition program.  Tutors provide tutoring in CLAD primarily to the students in the specific sections that have been assigned and secondarily to students in other Intensive courses and to the general ESL student population if appropriate.  The goals of the ESL Embedded Tutoring Program are to assist students who are struggling to stay in their courses, increase their independence and confidence, meet the SLOs of the courses in which they are enrolled, pass the courses, and persist through the sequence to the completion of their goals.


Job Description for ESL Embedded Tutors