Early Alert Academic Advising


Welcome to Early Alert Academic Advising

ESL’s Early Alert Program has been renamed Academic Advising. Like our Early Alert Program, Academic Advising is a support service for students who are at risk of failing their core ESL classes. Unlike our previous program, Academic Advising is offered throughout the semester, by appointment in CLAD.

The academic adviser is an ESL instructor who works with students to clarify their academic goals and develop a plan for succeeding in their ESL classes and achieving their goals. In addition to the initial half-hour intake appointment, the adviser sees students in follow-up appointments as needed.


ESL Faculty Referrals

As soon as you identify students who you think can benefit from extra support, please ask them to go to CLAD to make an appointment to meet with the academic adviser. Staff at the front desk will assist them.  

Written referrals are not necessary; however, if you want a written record of your referral, you may use (and modify to your liking) this referral letter for them to bring to CLAD.

Whether or not you make your referrals in writing, I will email you to let you know when I meet with your students.


Student Self-Referrals

If you are concerned about passing your ESL class and think you need extra support, please tell staff at the front desk in CLAD that you want to meet with the academic adviser. They will help you make an appointment.

For more information about Academic Advising, please see FAQs about Academic Advising .


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For additional questions about Academic Advising, email Erika Delacorte: edelacor@ccsf.edu.