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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Kyle R. Thornton, RT(R), (CT), CRT
Radiologic Sciences Department Chairperson, Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program Director

Teaching at CCSF since 1997

Educational History:

Certificate: Radiologic Sciences Program - Los Angeles City College
AA: Spanish - Long Beach City College
BA: Politcal Science - San Francisco State University
MA: Educational Leadership- Touro University International, Cypress, CA
PhD: Educational Leadership - Trident University International, Cypress, CA

"Neither look forward where there is doubt, nor backward where there is regret.  Instead, look inward, and ask yourself not whether there is something more that you want, but whether there is something you have not yet unpacked." Quentin Crisp



Leslie Yim
Radiologic Sciences Department
Radiation Therapy Technology Program
Telephone: (415) 239-3949
A.A.   City College of San Francisco
B.A.   San Francisco State University

Les Yim was born and raised in San Francisco, graduated from the CCSF Radiography Program in 1975, and began teaching here in 1982. He served as Radiologic Technology Department Chair for 17 years, overseeing both the Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Programs. He is a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, California Society of Radiologic Technologists, and past-President of the Radiology Educators of California.

Mr. Yim is also a professional musician. He has played drums since grammar school and is a long-time member of "Expo," a popular band that has performed regularly in the Bay Area for more than 30 years.

Diane 6.21.14


Diane R. Garcia, Clinical Coordinator
Radiologic Sciences Department
Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program
Telephone: (415) 239-3064

Diane R. Garcia, MS, CRT, RT (R)(CT)

Diane Garcia was born and raised in San Francisco and has been the Clinical Coordinator of the Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program since 1997.

Educational Background:
AS- Radiologic Sciences, City College of San Francisco
BS - Health Sciences- Health Care Administration, Touro University International, Cypress, CA
MS - Health Sciences - Health Education, Touro University International, Cypress, CA

Over the years, Ms. Garcia has gained extensive and diverse clinical experience, having worked in various hospitals as a general radiographer, CT technologist, and a clinical applications specialist educating fellow technologist in the operation of CT scanners.  She has served as an expert witness for legal cases involving radiographers and is well versed in operative, traumatic, and pediatric radiography along with computed tomography. 

Professional Affiliations:
California Society of Radiologic Technologists (CSRT) - Past Vice President
Radiologic Technology Educators of California (RTEC) -Past President
American Society Of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)-Member
Health Workforce Initiative (HWI) representing Radiologic Technologists
Radiologic Technology Certification Committee (RTCC) for California (CDPH-RHB)- Appointed Board Member- 2007-2015 Appointed Board Member

Kathy Hurley

Kathy Hurley
Radiologic Sciences Department
Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program
Telephone: (415) 239-3431

A.S.  City College of San Francisco
B.A. San Francisco State University
M.A. San Francisco State University

Kathy Hurley M.A., CRT, RDMS

Kathy Hurley has taught at City College of San Francisco, since 1988. She is a native San Franciscan and a graduate of the CCSF Radiography program. She continued her education at San Francisco State University where she earned a B.A. Health Science and a M.A. Education.

Kathy's teaching responsibilities include both lecture/lab courses, as well as working closely with the program's Clinical Coordinator. In addition, she continues to be actively involved in the clinical setting, having gained a wide range of experience after working in several imaging modalities. She is also a registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Along with being an instructor she holds a position as a sonographer at St. Mary's Medical Center.

Paul Arsalane

Paul Arsalane
Radiologic Sciences Department
Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program
Telephone: (415) 239-3431

Tom Hall

Born and raised in San Francisco.  Attended CCSF 1967 to 1969 as an engineering major, then transferred to UC Berkeley and received a Bachelors degree in Psychology in 1971.  From 1974 to 1976 trained in the UCSF radiology technology  program.   Worked at the Ambulatory Care Center at UCSF Medical Center from 1976 to 2007.  Part-time faculty at CCSF since 1991.