Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many times can I take a PE class?

A. Beginning in Fall 2013 you may only take a specific PE class once.  If you have taken that class at any time prior to Fall 2013 that will already count as having taken the class once.  Therefore, you will not be able to take it again.

You WILL, however, be able to take 4 "like" classes (courses listed with in a "family").  Click here for more info.


Q. The class is closed online, how do I register for the class?

A. Go to the first class meeting and ask the instructor for an add code.


Q. What if I have taken the class too many times and the system will not allow me to enroll in it?

A. You must enroll in the class (if it is offered) via Continuing Education (zero credits) or a different PE&D class.