Where Do I Start?

Image of a CCSF student flying through the air in front of a sign saying City College of San Francisco - award-winning photo taken by Percy Manriquez CCSF student - the photo is titled Limitless

So you are interested in Health Education!  Wonderful.

You may be wondering, where do I start?

Students come to the Health Education department with a variety of goals.  On this page, we will try to help you figure out which program or set of courses might best fit your goals.

Common goals of Health Education students include:

  • Learning more about one's personal health or the health of the community
  • Transferring to a 4-year university to complete a Bachelor's degree (or Master's degree or Doctorate)
  • Completing a vocational certificate program to prepare for work in the community on health issues
  • Completing an Associate's Degree with a major in Health Education
  • Any combination of these!

The Health Education department offers a major in Health Education, a program to accelerate transfer to a California State University, and 10 vocational certificate programs.  The certificate programs vary in length.

What Are Your Interests?

The following Self-Assessment Questionnaire may help you clarify which Health Education program is the best fit for you.  Click on the link below to get started.


(After you've taken the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, you can keep a copy of the answers for yourself by downloading this PDF:  Self Assessment Questionnaire Answers - Which CCSF Health Education Program Is Right For You?)


We also encourage you to explore this website thoroughly, as there is a lot of information posted about each of our programs:

  • The pages linked on the left-hand side of this page (Where Do I Start?) explain typical careers in community health, educational pathways to those careers, and some general tips for college success. 
  • Click on any specific program we offer - such as Community Health Worker, or Metro Transfer Academies - to learn more about that program and how to enroll in it.
  • Don't forget to try out the Self-Assessment Questionnaire too.


Student Videos

Below you will also find a few videos made by students in the Health Education certificate programs.  They each express in their own way what it meant to them to come back to college and gain the skills to work in the community.