Health & Wellness Classes

The Health Education department offers a wide range of courses on topics related to general health and wellness.  Many of these courses have no prerequisites, are transferable to the CSU or UC system, and help students meet graduation requirements for an Associate's degree from CCSF.  They provide engaging, interactive ways to learn about health for oneself and the community - both personal health and public health.  Coursese are offered for a variety of schedules - day, evenings and weekends, and also online.

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Many of our more popular courses are offered with multiple sections - including HLTH 33, HLTH 53, HLTH 25, HLTH 27 and HLTH 54.  You will find more information about each of those courses on the tabs to your left, and in the descriptions below.

In addition to these five core courses, we offer a variety of classes that serve as a good introduction to health education or give you an immersion in a specific health topic.

Here is a brief description of a few Health Ed courses.  This is NOT a complete list, just a sampling of what we offer.  The courses below have no prerequisites.  For a full list of courses, please see the CCSF Catalog or this semester's Class Schedule.


A grandmother demonstrates how to cook fresh vegetables to her grandson

HLTH 10: Health and Aging
3 units

This course gives an overview of the health aspects of aging and the changes and challenges of the aging process. It touches on gerontology, biology, psychology, sociology and health education, from a feminist and multicultural perspective.

A woman health educator talking with another woman about diabetes

HLTH 25:  Women's Health
3 units

Many aspects of women's health are covered in this course, such as only reproductive health and sexuality, body image, cancer risks, women's political voice, and changes to women's health over the lifespan.

Two men playing basketball

HLTH 27: Men's Health
3 units

This men's health course encompasses many aspects of men's lives, including nutrition, psychological health, violence, sports injuries, and parenting, among others.

A bottle of pills with seal broken

HLTH 30: Drugs and Society
3 units

This course explores the nature and extent of the chemical "problem" in today's world. This course is designed to increase awareness, dispel myths and nurture critical thinking on substance use, misuse and dependency.

A woman shopping for vegetables and holding up a red pepper

HLTH 33:  Introduction to Health and Wellness
2 units

This course provides an overview of the major systems of the body, behaviors that promote health, chronic and infectious diseases, substance abuse, sexual health, and other topics.

Team meeting to plan a public health activity

HLTH 48: Violence as a Public Health Issue
3 units

This course uses public health frameworks to analyze the causes and consequences of violence, and prevention approaches. Service-learning and exploration of job skills for human services and violence prevention are part of the course.

Class of students standing with hands outstretched

HLTH 50: Tai Chi for Health
3 units

Tai Chi Chuan incorporates meditation into motion.  This course emphasizes the philosophical and practical application of Tai Chi thought as it applies to human health and life, along with practicing the movements and form.

Bunch of shiny Rome apples

HLTH 53: Health In Society
3 units

This course provides an introduction to personal health and wellness within a context of community health.  It includes segments on health behaviors, common diseases, sexuality, community conditions that affect health, and many more.

Traffic sign that says "Slow, Children At Play" - one way to reduce injuries in a population

HLTH 54: Introduction to Public Health
3 units

This course examines the intersections of social policy, the environment, and human behavior, and how they affect health, as well as the roles of public health workers in addressing contemporary health crises.

An adult supporting a young child to stand

HLTH 90C: Trauma and Recovery, an Introduction
0.5 units

This short course introduces students to how humans respond to violence and traumatic events, and ways to support a person in trauma.  This course serves as an excellent introduction to the Trauma Prevention & Recovery Certificate

A man getting a vaccine such as that for Hepatitis B

HLTH 91C: Hepatitis ABC's
1 unit

This course provides sound information on the three common forms of Hepatitis - A, B and C.  It also includes information on health advocacy for improving liver health.

Older man riding bicycle with helmet

HLTH 176: Sports Nutrition
3 units

Overview of the science of sports nutrition, with emphasis on nutrition as it applies to fitness, sport specific training, and athletic performance. Topics include nutrient requirements and dietary recommendations, energy metabolism, weight management, special nutrient needs during training and competition, nutritional ergogenics.

Child holding a strawberry in front of his face

HLTH 177: Introduction to Child Nutrition
3 units

Overview of child nutrition issues, with an emphasis on practical skills and approaches to influence positive eating behaviors that promote optimal health and nutrition. Topics include basic nutrition principles, best practices for child feeding, planning healthy meals and snacks, food safety, childhood obesity, physical activity, nutrition education, child nutrition programs and food assistance resources.

Older woman exercising on a blue machine outside


HLTH 5122: Consumer Education: Health and Nutrition

Practical information, effective strategies, and skills that teach the student how to practice good nutrition, manage personal health, and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle in the later years.

Gerontology:  Many students have expressed interest in preparing themselves for a career in health education and gerontology.  While CCSF does not offer a certificate in gerontology at this time, the following classes may be of interest:  HLTH 10, Health and Aging; HLTH 66, Managing Chronic Conditions, and HLTH 9A, Elder Abuse Prevention.


Note: The photos on this page are not copyrighted - they are made available free of charge by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for health education efforts.