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Admissions and Records Faculty Resources - Link

Assignment Preference Form

  • Upload your preference form - Link
  • How to upload your preference form - Link


  • Instructional Calendars - Link

ESL Resource

  • Health Education ESL Learners Contact - Carrie Priestley -
  • ESL Department Information - Link
  • ESL Center for Language and Academic Development (CLAD) - Link
    The CLAD center offers ESL students three different support services: individual tutoring, workshops, and computer programs for language-learning.  All services are drop-in.

Instructor Absence

For Single Day Absence

  • Spring & Fall
    Email student workers to post up a sign. Please complete this form (Faculty Absence Notice) and include it in the email to:
  • Evening / Weekend Class & Other Campuses
    If you are calling in sick for an evening or weekend class, or a class that is not offered on the Ocean campus, please refer to the numbers that you should have for Evening and Site Supervision. They will also post an announcement on your classroom door.  
    Site Supervisors (Evening & Sat): 
    - Ocean campus: Andrew Hom (M, T, & Sat) and Jerry Dear (W & Th) | 239-3584
    - Mission Center: Elba Balderramos  |  MTWRF 5pm - 9pm  |  920-6011 
  • Summer
    Please call “The Absence Line” at 239-3232.  The Office of Instruction will post a notice on your classroom board, along with any simple instructions that you may have for your class, such as a homework assignment.  
  • Upon your return, please be sure to complete a Faculty Absence Report form and submit to Beth for signature.

Substitute Policies & Forms



  • Health Education Research and Citing Library - Link
  • Health Education Libraian Liason   |   Julian Prentice -

Office Hours

-  Give your office hours to students and to the front desk staff in MU 353 to post. You may also post your office hours on your employee directory:

- At the end of the semester, fill out the “Instructionally Related Time Report” and submit it to Shirlene Kwan, or mailbox in MU 353. (This is for Health Education Faculty only. For all other departments, please contact your department chair)

- You can be reimbursed for up to 15 office hours per semester:

CREDIT Classes with FTE:

from up to 0.20, max. payout is 4 hours.

from 0.21 to 0.39, max. payout is 8 hours.

from 0.40 to 0.60, max. payout is 15 hours.

Please note that faculty who received temporary FT upgrade will not be eligible for office hour pay.

Syllabus Information

Please submit a digital copy of the syllabus for each course (each separate course, not for each section of the same course) for the each semester:

No log-in is required. This is for Health Education Faculty only.

For other departments, please contact your department chair.

Please contact Shirlene if you need assistance with uploading your syllabus. 

  • Making a great syllabus - Link

Faculty & Staff Resources

Online Teaching Resources - Link


For Health Education Short-term courses and lab courses:

To better prepare ourselves for future audits, please use the PARS Attendance Record Template for each short-term or lab section. Please upload the PARS or email Shirlene at the end of your short-term and/or lab courses. 

Upload your Health Education PARS to:

Teaching Resources

  • ConferZoom -
  • Responding to Student Writing - Link
  • Instructional and Classroom Supplies Locations
    • Frequently used forms - Cabinet next to large conference room
    • Laptops and Projectors - Cabinet outside the Kitchen
    • Supplies - Cabinet ouside 351 and in the storage room
    • Videos and DVDs - Cabinet ouside 351
  • Shared Resources - Link
  • Turnitin - Link
  • Web4 Online Grading Instructions - Link

Student Conduct

Department Information & Links

Building Outages

CAB Meetings

Community Advisory Board (CAB) Meetings
Submit CAB Dates
Upload CAB Minutes
- CAB Minutes Format Blank Copy 
- CAB Meeting Perkins Funding - Contact Julia Wei -
  > After meeting, submit required documents to Julia at Box C30 or hand deliver to C404:
     - Original store/catering receipts (no more than $18/person)
     - Copy of Agenda
     - Sign-in Sheet

- Core Indicator Reports -

- CCSF Contacts: 

  • Bianca Nunez - Employment Specialist; Internship Placement Support; Healthcare MOU Agreements

  • Janel Hadden - Work Experience Data  |   415-452-7045

  • Katie Mills - SWP Data   |   415-550-4493

Other Resources

Conference Rooms and Classrooms Reservations

Room priority is for instructionally-related purposes and reservations are subject to change depending on department and district needs. 

Due to high demand, reoccurring reservations can be booked for up to 4 weeks at a time. You must resubmit a request at the end of your initial booking. 

If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact

Copier Policies and Duplicating 

Please remember all copy usage should be for departmental use only. 

If you have large copy jobs that needs to be done quickly (i.e. syllabus that was not done by the duplicating department on time), here are a few options Ocean campus:

  • Science Building 224 
  • Cloud Hall 352 
  • Batmale 108
  • Arts Building (2nd  Floor)

Science building has the best functioning copier with staple functions. Cloud Hall has one new copier that has a stapleless staple option. 

Please remember, if you submitted a copy job to duplicating services, you can follow up with Anita Yee to check on the status. If you submitted a copy job via email and want to cancel, please follow up with an email or phone call to cancel the job.

The process for making copies is as follows:

1. Make small copy jobs yourself with the new copier in the Health Education Department's Kitchen.
2. Send larger requests (syllabus, applications, handouts, etc) directly to Duplication Services in Batmale at least a week in advance (or earlier).  You can email your requests to
3. Send smaller requests (one or two page copies) directly to student workers by emailing and include your copy code.  Please send these requests at least 24 hours in advance (or earlier). While we do our best, due to staffing and technology constraints, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to process last minute requests for copies.   

Copy Policy

The copier located in the kitchen is for limited copies only. Please use the Duplicating Center locate on the 1st floor of Batmale Hall for most of your copy jobs. They request copy jobs to be submitted with at least one week lead time. Please remember that all staff and faculty have a limit of copies from July 1 – June 30.  Once you have reached your limit, your copy code will be inactive for the copy function. You can still scan documents to email.  The department copier is not designed for large volume use.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send your copying needs to the Duplicating Services on campus in advance. Please remember to log out after every use by first pressing and holding “Reset” then press the top half of the “C” (Clear).

Faculty will receive 350 copies per Health Education course teaching unit. If you fall under 500 copies in the semester, you will default to the minimum, 500 copies per semester. To calculate your copies per semester, please use the following formula:
[Total HLTH units in F'18] x 350 copies Total copies for F'18


Total HLTH units = 0.5 unit x 350 copies = 175 copies. This will default to 500 copies. 
Total HLTH units = 1 unit x 350 copies = 350 copiesThis will default to 500 copies. 
Total HLTH units = 1.5 units x 350 copies = 525 copies. This will default to 500 copies. 
Total HLTH units = 2 units x 350 copies = 700 copies. 
Total HLTH units = 3 units x 350 copies = 1050 copies. 
Total HLTH units = 6 units x 350 copies = 2100 copies. 
Total HLTH units = 12 units x 350 copies = 4200 copies. 

*Note: Total HLTH units refer to your total load for the semester.

Program coordinators will receive an additional 1000 copies per semester.  
Teaching 6 units in F '18 = 6 x 350 copies = 2100 copies. Additional 1000 copies for program coordination = 3100 copies total for F’18. 

Emergency Preparedness Resources

  • Build Your Office Emergency Supply Kit - Link
  • Build Your Home Emergency Supply Kit - Link
  • Emergency Procedures - Link
  • CCSF 911 App - How to setup in the App          |    Download the Free App:      Apple App     |     Andriod App
  • Health Education Department Emergency Supply Locations
  • - Front Desk Cabinet near Office 351
    - Link Center in front desk drawer 
  • Health and Safety Information for Students - Link

Faculty & Staff Contact Information

Faculty Travel

  1. Faculty Travel form:

  2. The faculty members must attach:
    • A copy of the organization's brochure/advertisement/program with a brief description of the activity/conference/workshop/seminar/class. This may be a printout from a website or an email
    • A copy of a registration form showing fees and dates for the activity. The form does not have to be filled out. (If the reg form is hidden inside the brochure described above, I suggest making a separate copy just to be safe.)
  3. Put into Beth's box for signatures. Beth will send it to Frederick Teti. Fred's box is L254, my office is Batmale Hall L760, and telephone number is 415-239-3357.

  4. After the activity is completed, the faculty member then fills out an Expense Report in accordance with the DBO’s rules (e.g., original receipts whenever possible).

Travel to states that won't get approved for travel reimbursements include: Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas (

Out of State Travel - Please submit any out-of-state travel requests to Beth at least 3 months ahead of time so we can get through the signature process prior to your travel date. Out-of-state travel requires the VC signature as well as board approval. This process can take up to 2 months. Out-of-state travel will not be reimbursed if the board has not approved the travel prior to the date.


Upload your FERPA Certificate

There is an interactive online course with quizzes, provided by the Dept of Education, that your staff can take.  It takes approximately 40 minutes.  Upon completion of the course, your staff will be presented with a Certificate of Completion (copies should be given to you and myself).  Here is the link and instructions:

  1. Click on the blue link, labeled “Here” to access the course.
  2. Click Register as new user.
  3. Enter information. Organizational Affiliation is Postsecondary Institution.
  5. Allow approximately 40 minutes for the online course.
  6. Upon completion of the course, print out a copy of the certificate and provide a copy to your supervisor and send a copy to me.

Flex Day

Flex Reporting

  • Go to: Web4 > Faculty > Flex Report

Fall 2019 Flex Day Documents

Department Policies

Guest Speakers



Program Review - Link

CCSF Information & Links

Accreditation - Link

Buildings & Grounds - Link

Computer Help Desk - Link

CurricUNet Link

Other Info

  • Online Requisition Training Videos - Link
  • Retention Policies - Link

CCSF Policies

  • Faculty and Classified Handbook - Link
  • Responsible Employee - Link - Contact: Lelani Batese

Forms Directory - Link

Forms Directory

Commonly used forms and descriptions - See Guide

Frequently Used Forms 

  • Part-time Faculty Office Hours (Due May 15th [Spring] / December 15th [Fall]) - Blank Copy | Sample
  •     *FTE = # units / 15    |    Example: 1 unit course = 1/15 = 0.067
  • Petition for Change of Grade - see front desk cabinet 
  • Record of Incomplete - see front desk cabinet 
  • Removal of Incomplete - see front desk cabinet 
  • Other Employee forms - Link

Time Conflict Procedure (as of Spring 2018):

  • The instructor of class for which time will be missed must establish a contract with the student to cover class minutes missed.
  • During the semester, student and instructor will meet weekly, record the meeting date below and sign it.
  • At the end of the semester, Instructor will submit the Log to School Dean on the last day of the semester. Once completed and signed, this log will be the official record of attendance and be kept on file by the School Dean for three years.