Advisory Board

Community Collaborations
Currently, the CMHC program is developing collaborative partnerships with other community based organizations and educational institutions. These stakeholders may function as internship sites, pathway programs leading into the CMHC, post certificate extended training programs, and undergraduate degree and graduate program for those interested in further education. Students interested in further education will receive additional academic counseling and support geared to facilitate their transition into degreed programs. Additionally, some of the CMHC coursework will be transferable into the California State and University of California educational systems.

The following list continues to evolve and includes current partners, stakeholders, and alliances.
•  Pathway to Discovery
•  Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS)
•  San Francisco State University (Student Drop-in Center)
•  California Institute of Integral Studies
•  Peer Internship Program (San Francisco Department of Public Health)
•  Veterans Administration, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program
•  Felton Institute
•  Mission Act
•  California Institute of Mental Health
•  Mental Health Association of San Francisco
•  San Francisco Board of Mental Health
•  San Francisco Vocational Task Force