SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The DENTAL ASSISTING department follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website.

Department Mission Statement

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NOTE: ALL our courses and programs have closed the loop on assessment and are in continual ongoing assessment at regular intervals.

Program Outcomes

Program-level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

1. demonstrate various techniques of sterilization and disinfection and apply infection control and safety guidelines in the dental setting;

2. demonstrate safe working habits with the knowledge in Occupational Safety and Health Administration Hazard Communication Standard;

3. prepare for the state and national licensure exams in order to perform Registered and Certified Dental Assistant Functions authorized by legal provisions;

4. demonstrate Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) through frequent group exercises and activities; and

5. display soft skills and critical thinking strategies through various group activities.

Our programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Course SLOs are mapped to Program SLOs. Program SLOs are mapped to ILOs. Mappings and program information are recorded in reports in CurricUNET. Programs are also fully described in the catalog.

Course Outcomes

Course-level SLOs are recorded in the official course outline of record in CurricUNET. Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised.