How to Apply

Step 1:  



Step 2:



Applicants are required to complete the following courses with a C or higher prior to applying to the Dental Assisting Program:

  • ENGL 91 or ESL 150 or equivalent (Placement in ENGL 92 or 95, or ESL 160)
  • BIO 9 or ANAT 14 or ANAT 25 or PHYS 1 or PHYS 12 or equivalent
  • Typing skill of 45 wpm or better, or Keyboarding course


Step 3:



Dental Assisting Program Application (Revised 3-23-2016).pdf

Return completed application to

  • In-Person: Ocean Campus, Cloud Hall 304
  • Email:
  • Fax: (415) 239-3719


The Dental Assisting Program starts every Fall semester.

Applications are accepted year round on a first come, first serve basis.


Step 4:



An acceptance letter will be sent out via mail late March.  

You are welcome to attend an optional orientation.  


Step 5:



Register for Dental Assisting courses for Fall semester.

Check your acceptance letter for courses to take.  

Step 6:


Each applicant is required to complete and provide proof the following prior to the Fall Semester:

  • TB test within the last two years
  • Complete the first two Hep B vaccines
  • CPR for Healthcare Provider Certificate