How To Apply

New students are accepted for Fall semester start only.

Fall 2020 Cohort - Currently accepting applications

Step 1:  



Step 2:



Applicants must have a High School Diploma, GED, post-secordary degree, or equivalent.

Applicants are required to complete the following courses with a C or higher prior to applying to the Dental Assisting Program:

  • ENGL 88 or ESL 186 or placement in ENGL 1A or ESL 188*  (As of Fall 2019)
  • BIO 9 or BIO 106 (formerly ANAT 14) or BIO 108 (formerly ANAT 25) or BIO 112 (formerly PHYS 1 or PHYS 12) or equivalent*
  • Typing skill of 45 wpm or better, or Keyboarding course* 
    This requirement may be met by successfully completing a computer or typing class, or a typing test can be administrated at the Program’s office. The course for the typing skill does not need to be met at college level. Proof of successful completion of a computer or typing class will be acceptable on any level.

*Students who have a Bachelor's degree (BS or BA), are waived from the English, Science, and typing requirements. Please provide proof of degree with your application.

Students who have not attended college for more than 2 years or do not have a degree in science: It is highly recommended to complete BIO 9 or BIO 106 as a refresher course prior to the program.

Students who do not have college experience or have not attended school for more than 2 years: IDST 50 or LERN 50 - College Success is highly recommended to strengthen study strategies, test taking skills and note taking skills. 

*Students may apply while you are concurrently enrolled in the prerequisite courses. Please indicate this in the application. Students may be conditionally accepted to the program, pending verification of your final grade. All courses must be  completed PRIOR to the Fall semester.  


Step 3:



Download and complete the Dental Assisting Program Application.

*Please provide an email address you check frequently. We will be sending acceptance letters to the email you provide on the application. 

Return completed application to


The Dental Assisting Program starts every Fall semester.

Applications are accepted year round on a first come, first serve basis.

Step 4:



An acceptance letter will be sent out via email late March/early April.  

You are welcome to attend an optional orientation towards the end of the Spring semester.  


Step 5:



Register for Dental Assisting courses for Fall semester.

Check your acceptance letter for courses to take.  

Step 6:


Each applicant is required to complete and provide proof the following prior to the Fall Semester:

  • TB test within the last two years
  • Complete the first two Hep B vaccines

Each applicant is required to complete and provide proof the following prior to
November 30th:

  • CPR for Healthcare Provider Certificate
    *CCSF offers a 0.5 unit course, EMT 12