1. How do I enroll in one of the Medical Assisting options?
Students must meet the English and Math eligibility requirements to enroll in medical assisting classes. The enrollment requirement is completion of English 86 or 88 or higher placement; completion of ESL 186 or higher placement; completion of Math 30 or higher placement.

2. Do I need to attend an orientation to be admitted to the program? The program orientations are informational only and are not used to select students to a cohort. Classes are open to all students who qualify by their English and Math placement scores. Students will receive information about the program options, a list of first semester classes for each program option, and are able to ask questions regarding advance placement, credit transfers, or speak with a counselor regarding their placement scores.

3. Is there an application process?
Students will receive a Student Handbook and an application to the program in the HCT 61, Introduction to Health Care, course. Students must complete this course no later than the second semester.  Students must enroll in MED 56 by their second semester to be considered enrolled in the Medical Assisting Program.

4. Is the Medical Assisting Program Accredited? The Certificate of Achievement in Medical Assisting is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), 25400 US Highway 19N, Suite 158, Clearwater, FL 33703, Phone: 727-210-2350, email www.caahep, on recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).
The CCSF Medical Assisting Program has been accredited since 1967.

5. Where are the Medical Assisting classes offered? Classes related to medical assisting are offered at the John Adams Center, 1860 Hayes Street. However, Bio 106 (Anatomy 14) and Psychology 1 can be taken at any campus of choice. The Medical Assisting classroom is Room 303; the computer classroom is Room 301; the Faculty Office is Room 302.

6. Is there an Associate’s Degree Program? There are two degree options. Students can earn an Associates of Science in Medical Assisting or an Associates of Science in Medical Administrative Assisting.

7. How long does it take to complete the Medical Assisting Program? Completion of the certificate program can take up to four semesters depending on the student’s English and Math scores. The degree program will take longer since it requires the General Requirement Areas A-H.

8.  Will I received program advising or counseling while I am studying Medical Assisting?  Students are required to meet with the Program Advisor every semester to assess progress and create a plan for the following semester.  These planning sessions are mandatory.  Students are free to see their couselor for questions regarding the General Requirements, transfer classes, and English and Math questions.

9.  How do I petition for a certificate or degree?  The student will meet with the Program Advisor to complete the petition for a certificate in their last semester.  This meeting is mandatory and must be done before the deadline date for petitions and degrees.  The student must meet with a Counselor to complete the degree petiition in their last semester before the deadline date.  The deadline dates for certificates and degrees are published in the time schedule, but notices are also published in the Medical Assisting classrooms and on the MA bulletin board.