The Cardiovascular (CVT)/ECHO Technology content includes a focus on adult cardiac ultrasound (Echcocardiography) which includes cardiac anatomy and physiology, 2D and M-Mode imaging, PW, CW and color flow Doppler, cardiac pathology and methods of interpretation.  The CVT course content includes advanced rhythm interpretation, exercise stress testing, cardiac pharmacology, and physics of ultrasound.


The CVT/ECHO Program is a four-semester (two-year) degree program. Students must enroll in both CVT and ECHO courses each semester.  They must take all courses in sequence within the two year program.  Refer to the CVT/ECHO program packet for details about the program.


Due to increased educational requirements by the national registry organization, students should complete with the minimum educational units to equal an AS Degree with CVT/ECHO as their major.

  1. Successful completion of college level anatomy (within the last 5 years): Bio 106 or Bio 108 with a grade of "C" or higher.  The anatomy requirement must be completed by the December before the application process.
  2. Completion of ENGL 96 or ENGL 88 or ENGL 88B or ESL 160 or placement in ENGL 1A. An AA/AS or bachelor's degree fulfills this requirement.
  3. Individual orientation will be part of the application process.

Program Preparation

Medical Terminology, ECG classes, algebra, hospital or health care experience are suggested to prepare for the program.

Program Schedule

First semester:  CVT 101, ECHO 101 and CVT 110

Second semester:  CVT 201, ECHO 201, CVT 210

Third semester:  CVT 301, ECHO 301, CVT 310

Fourth semester: CVT 410, ECHO 401

Enrollment Procedures

Students who are new to City College of San Francisco must also submit a separate application of the College:

  1. CCSF Credit Application
  2. CCSF Credit Placement Test
  3. Mandatory Orientation with Counseling
  4. Registration
Exemption to the Placement Test:
  1. Already have an associate degree or higher from a U.S. accredited school.
  2. Completed a college-level math and/or English 1A equivalent course.
Orientation Information
The next orientation for the CVT/ECHO Program is April 2020.  The Program only admits students every two years.  Students wishing to apply for fall 2020 should prepare by enrolling in the suggested courses under Program Preparation.