San Francisco Early Childhood Professional Development Project

San Francisco Early Childhood Professional Development Project

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PDP Faculty and Advisors
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The overall goal of the Professional Development Project is to increase quality child development services in San Francisco through the promotion of recruitment, retention and educational advancement in the Early Care and Education workforce.

The activities include comprehensive career resources, academic advising, information on training opportunities, and a partnership between the Community College and San Francisco State University. The project also serves as a voice for professional development, career resource issues, early childhood workforce compensation, and public policy.

Career and Education Resources


Pathways to Graduation and Transfer

for Child Development Students in Spring 2016

CCSF ECE Metro Academy - a cohort of students taking General Education and CDEV linked courses

METRO ONLINE INTEREST FORM- If you would like more information about Metro program


Update on the Child Development Permit Fees and Reimbursement