Career Opportunities:

Child Development and Family Studies

Early childhood education, K-12 and CTE teacher preparation and school-age/youth worker development are rapidly growing fields. Increasing public awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education, research on the importance of early brain development, research on the importance of quality settings for children and youth and awareness of the need for a well prepared K-12 teacher workforce that is grounded in both child development principles and subject matter content and changes in family structure and employment patterns have all increased the demand for child development services. Professionally educated teachers, teachers' aides, caregivers, school-age and youth workers, administrators and related staff are in demand.

Career choices include working directly with children in infant and toddler programs, preschools, or school-age, before and after-school programs, youth settings or working indirectly on behalf of children in administrative positions. Students may also transfer to a four-year college to obtain a B.A./B.S. and K-12 classroom teaching credentials or pursue a career in a related field.

One of the primary objectives of the Child Development & Family Studies Department is to prepare the future early childhood, K-12 and school-age /youth workforce by providing relevent training and educational opportunities, academic supports and resources that lead to college and career success.


Professional Development Project

Career support, advising, child development permit assistance, counseling, job information and professional development opportunities for individuals interested in developing and maintaining a career in early childhood education are available here.

  • Phone: (415) 452-5605 or email Sharon Donovan, Project Coordinator at


Early Childhood Workforce Pathway Project

Members of the ECE workforce in San Francisco interested in graduating from CCSF and transferring to SFSU are supported through the provision of transfer level courses offered in the evenings, tutoring, counseling, transfer support, books and tuition support. If you are working in an ECE program and are continuing your education and interested in transfer, please contact Anne Chan at or Sharon Donovan at or call 415 452-5605. 

Planned cohort courses include: English 1 A and 1B and ET108B and ET 50 for the fall and spring semesters. 

Career Development Counseling

(formerly Career Development & Placement Center)

  • Phone: (415) 239-3117
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