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SLO Assessment

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The Foreign Languages Department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please contact the department chair and view the rest of our department website.

Foreign Language Department's Plan for SLO Assessment:

Each semester we look at one SLO aspect of a level for assessment and changes.  Each language group meets individually at language break-out sessions which are part of our department meeting each FLEX day to decide which SLO(s) will be assessed that semester and how they will be assessed. Generally, faculty devise a common set of questions to be given at the same time of the semester in each class where SLOs will be assessed. Faculty also discuss improvements they will make to the curriculum based on last semester's SLO assessments.

Foreign Language faculty reporting SLOs

Faculty meet informally throughout the semester to tweak the assessment plan, make adjustments, and discuss curriculum changes based on previous assessments.

SLO assessment and reporting have enhanced collaboration between the faculty in each language section and across the department.


Program Outcomes

Our programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. See program details below. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.


Course Outcomes

Course outlines are in a regular cycle of review. Outcomes are listed on each course outline. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.

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