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CCSF offers a robust and varied program in Spanish language and culture. We offer courses for both Spanish learners and for heritage language speakers. Join us and learn about the linguistic and cultural variety of the Spanish-speaking world!

The Department offers:

1.  An AA-T Major with two options: 

    a.  Option 1: Spanish Language Learner 

    b.  Option 2: Spanish Heritage Speaker

Click here to learn more about the requirements for these two options.  

Are you a "Spanish Heritage Speaker"?  A "Spanish Heritage Speaker" is someone who learned the Spanish language because it was spoken in the family, community or country of origin.  However, many students benefit from additional instruction (mainly in writing and reading) to become a more fluent speaker and to appropriately use Spanish in the workplace.  Information about the cultures of many Spanish speaking countries is also included. For more information and to determine if you are a "Spanish Heritage Speaker", click here.  


2.  A Certificate of Accomplishment.  See the catalog for details: Spanish Program

Contact Diana Garcia-Denson, Spanish Placement Advisor, with questions regarding the various Spanish programs and courses.  


Textbook Links

Your textbooks are available in the CCSF Bookstore.  

They are also available directly from the publisher, Cengage.