Enroll in a World Languages Class

1. Apply to the College

  • If you're new to CCSF or  you've not taken a course at CCSF in over two semesters, you'll need to apply to the college. When you apply, you'll receive a CCSF ID number and a registration appointment. You may apply in person or online.

  • If you only want to take a language class and you are NOT interested in getting an AA degree or transfering to a 4-yr college, you may opt out of the English and Math Placement tests and meeting with a counselor by checking the appropriate boxes on the CCC application. 

This handout goes through the Application and Registration process, step by step.

Apply to CCSF and Register for a FL Dept class


  • California Community Colleges Help Desk
  • Toll Free: 1-877-247-4836
  • Email: support@openccc.net
  • CCCHelp.info is a 24/7, on-demand, community-powered, support site that provides official FAQs and online support to students as they apply to college and navigate the California Community College system.


2. Register for a World Languages Class

  • Now it's time to register for your class. If you are registering for an entry level class (1, 1A) OR a conversation class (courses that are numbered 10, 11, 12, 14, 15) there are no prerequisites. Just go ahead and register.

  • If you're registering for a class numbered 1B or above (and it's not a conversation class, i.e. the 10 series), and if you acquired your language skills outside of a CCSF classroom, please follow the instructions on the Placement and Prerequisites page to challenge the prerequisite.