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Tutoring & Technology

How do you become a better writer? Read.
How do you become a better reader? Write.
How do you become a better writer and reader? Go to the lab!

Drop-in hours, 8/31-12/12 . . .

  • Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 9-6
  • Friday 9-2
  • Saturday 10:30-1:30

The CCSF English Department has an incredible reading and writing center, The English Lab, in Rosenberg Library 205 (R205), a place where English students at all levels can focus, receive support, and become stronger readers and writers while achieving their course outcomes. Learn more at The Lab Page!

The English Lab offers support with reading, writing, and critical thinking by providing different ways for students to interact with a wide range of learning resources:

  • tutoring
  • reading groups
  • composition and creative writing groups
  • grammar groups
  • computer software
  • workbook activities
  • non-computer stations for quiet collaboration, testing, and independent study

Use our Lab.  Use our Web resources.  Learn more.

How do you help us improve the lab?  Please take this brief survey.


The English Lab in R205, where reading and writing have found new life . . . or lives! The Lab--it's alive!  It's alive!

The English Lab's mission, like CCSF's, is one of “providing an array of academic and student development services that support students’ success in attaining their academic, cultural, and civic achievements.”