Our core purpose in the Humanities Department is to offer access to the Arts for everyone. Our discipline resides within the English Department and seeks to educate students about the interactions among the many visual and performing arts. We seek first to learn to enjoy the Arts by reacting to art in class, attending performances, and learning about cultures.

Humanities students are English students, too, and should take advantage of the English Lab for reading and writing help.

SLO's and the Sublime

We believe a kind of magic can take place in a Humanities class. The appreciation of human expression can change the course of a student's thinking for a lifetime. But there are more formal considerations, too, and we strive to excel on both sides of the street. We have described our mission to the Curriculum Committee in its efforts to fulfill the College's educational requirements in terms of Student Learning Outcomes in this way:

Humanities seeks to convey an interdisciplinary appreciation for cultural traditions, focusing primarily on art, music, literature, and religious expression. Secondary focuses may include architecture, film, crafts, and philosophy. Humanities especially seeks to show the interrelationship of these modes of expression so that students not only see broad cultural trends but also form their own aesthetic sensibilities.

Upon completion of courses in Humanities, students will be able to:

A.    Recognize the mainstream and alternative ways that people of various cultural and historical contexts create the arts.

B.     Demonstrate an understanding of aesthetics to enable an informed response to the arts and an intercultural appreciation.

C.     Analyze texts and practices through writing and discussion.

D.    Understand how the disciplines of the humanities influence and enrich each other.