Students Get Work!

Many students who participate in CCSF fashion programs move into succesful positions in local and national industries. Here are some examples of our student successes.

Tony Bravo


Columnist / Style and Fashion Expert for SF GATE's: SF UNZIPPED

"From the front row at runway events to behind-the-scenes look at social goings-on about town, we’re your all-access pass to all things fun and fabulous. We’ll let you know about the latest looks and limited editions, from big-name designer labels to one-of-a-kind finds at neighborhood boutiques. Who’s the next Derek Lam? What local pajama queen designed the gown Angelina Jolie chose for her latest multimillion-dollar baby photo session? That’s what we’re here for."

"We’ll also share tips and demos from top makeup artists and hair stylists, as many of biggest names in the business visit regularly and are always eager to share new discoveries and products — we even plan to arrange swag giveaways as often as we can! Also expect daily updates on everything from menswear to fragrance and jewelry to shoes and handbags and more."

Leo DaSilva


Style Classic and sporty with a Brazilian twist — a pop of color and a sexy vibe.

Backstory Brazil native DaSilva, a fan of swimwear, sunglasses and tank tops, has turned to the classics during his 10 years in San Francisco, mostly because it’s colder here than at Copacabana Beach. Still, “the sassy side of my personality came from that — I don’t want to lose it,” he says. Stints at Prada and Wilkes Bashford led to Barneys New York, where he now works as a visual merchandise coordinator. He mixes high, low and vintage, which he came to love in San Francisco, along with black and gray attire. Mentors including Bashford himself taught DaSilva to appreciate the iconic elements of American menswear — sport jackets with pocket squares, khakis and striped sweaters. “We don’t wear those things in Brazil,” he says. “There, you can go to a mall in a Speedo.”

Details Blue jacket by Zara, vintage Western shirt by Polo, Dockers camouflage pants, Gravati shoes from Wilkes Bashford, vintage Bernard Richards watch, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Edward Armah pocket circle from Wilkes Bashford. At top: DaSilva’s vintage travel bag.

— Carolyne Zinko

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